Enjoy PlayStation Titles on PC: Playing Console game in PC is ever been a dream for You as Xbox has first initiated this thought to Windows PC after this pass to Playstation but main reason why it not become success because you have to carry along a big box (console) together and plug it with TV while this is not possible while you are on the go but this is still not possible.Sony will be bringing its game streaming services Playstation Now to the PC from Today while it is earlier available as Remote features on Macs Sony has now allow this Remote access feature to PC user as the simply plug the USB and it connect to your console and stream games. PS4 controller also connected to PC now onwards with this USB. This controller also give standard controller the best way of playing other earlier titles of PS3.

Playstation USB Plug for PC,s
Enjoy Playstation USB Plug for PC,s

Enjoy PlayStation Titles on PC:

Playstation now service launched in UK last summer and expansion are ahead. As this feature allow user to play games of backwards compatibility as Playing PS3 games on PS4 as discs are not supported in successor. Now service has over 400 PS 3 legacy titles including all biggest ones like Uncharted or God of War. Price of this subscription is cost about £12.99/month which is not so cheap but still manageable.

The announcement of the adaptor was made in Sony EU blog post on Monday which comes along confirmation that PS Now service will work on PC from Today. They also released a PS Now App so you can easily do the steps to follow. The adaptor will be available from early next month.

Games Streams On PlayStation USB Plug
Games Streams On PlayStation USB Plug

Specs needed for Compatibility are OS: Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10; have either a 3.5GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8GHz AMD A10 as minimum processor specs; Memory needed. only minimal 2GB and storage about 300MB which is very nice and light. While Game play required an Internet connection of 5Mbps connection so you can stream content with ease. If people has already member of Playstation Now can also access their account to and complete their game progress.

Mac user are still obsolete with this new feature but Mac still has remote access feature but not able to access PS Now service but hope this feature soon to arrive on Mac.
Pricing of Now services are spiking are also soon to be took place by introducing this feature but it is costlier feature. PS Plus feature also gets price hike as subscriptions of monthly remains the but quarterly subs will increase to $25. As this is the first hiked price since it is introduced.


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