Apple Is Removing Iconic Home Button In iPhone 2017: As People are anticipated for launch of upcoming iPhone Apple is planning change in new iPhone 2017 as report from WSJ earlier this summer and a new report from Bloomberg today are pointing toward new changes in iPhone 2017. As iPhone is known for its Home Button which is iconic design of the which differentiate the iPhone from other phone.

Apple has started their work for overhaul design change in 2017 iPhone as from reports they are focusing on display by removing Home button. As things are not clear yet that if Apple going to have Touch ID in iPhone 2017 or will use On screen Biometric sensor as earlier phones. Talking about display Apple is going to have OLED display in 2017 iPhone according to reports.

Apple Is Removing Iconic Home Button In iPhone 2017:

WSJ earlier this year talking about details in 2017 iPhone as they said Apple wants to create a device that has a full single piece of glass on the front so home button would prevent to do this. Earlier this month, reports are claiming that Foxconn is developing all-glass casing for upcoming iPhone. KGI has also reported that 2017 iPhone will have all glass design same as iPhone 4. So it is interesting to see how Apple coupe over these issue and make our beloved iPhone 2017.

Apple Phone 2017
Apple Is Removing Iconic Home Button In iPhone 2017

Apple has changing iconic image of iPhone since last the launch of iPhone 6 with bigger casing and in iPhone 7 they are ditching 3.5mm headphone jack and now with its iconic home button. Apple also trying to give additional in favor with 2 speaker in iPhone 7 after ditching headphone jack, a Force Touch ID button. As these force touch id button would make you feel like haptic feed back in Macbook 12-inch. As these button also feature some functionality other pressing.
As Apple is balancing in favor of removing what will you think about it can suggest your though in the comment section below.


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