Finally, Wait is Over iPhone 7 Launch Date has Revealed: Apple finally unveils curtains from their next and most anticipated product of the year as Apple finally reveals date you can expect the lucky one 7. Apple finally sends media invite for a Special event on September 7 as the company would unveil their new iPhone 7 which was earlier expected to announce on September 6. Apple also creates some enthusiastic remark in the that see you on the 7th. As people are expecting some other products include Apple Watch 2 and Macbook Pro 2016.

Release Date Of iPhone 7
Release Date Of iPhone 7

Talking about iPhone 7 event will be held on Wednesday at 10 a.m. Pacific at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. While we will provide full coverage of the event each and every product so stay tuned to us.

Finally, Wait is Over iPhone 7 Launch Date has Revealed:

  • Expecting feature in iPhone 7 has become a little mess as new iPhone 7 will have new lineup contains iPhone 7, 7 Plus and 7 Pro. Many leaks and images are pointing toward this leaks as some are expecting that iPhone 7 Pro model will appear in S lineup.
  • iPhone 7 Plus model include Dual camera setup which helps the device to capture wider distance object. Dual camera setup will help the device to capture nightlife image also well. The main topic of discussion which kind of getting real as removal of the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack to maintain waterproofing. Apple may ship new EarPods model and may call as AirPods.
  • iPhone 7 will force touch button which is a really nice feature to have in iPhone and work easily with one-handed operation. Talking about Hardware iPhone 7 will have A10 Chipset which also twice powerful and new 3GB of RAM to handle more multitasking. Apple may also introduce new color as Space Grey Color may change to Space Black and New Deep Blue color may make its entry.
  • iPhone 7 also ditch their 16GB as base model as Apple may introduce 32GB as base and 256GB for the top model. There are many other features to include as soon product reveals.
  • Apple Watch 2 may also get some improvement with new GPS functionality, New Activity Sensor, and Bigger Battery life while the design of Apple Watch 2 will same as Apple Watch so don’t expect so.
  • Macbook Pro 2016 model also unveil anytime soon as it’s not yet confirmed yet but we are expecting some new and overhaul design and new hardware. So only about a week is left and things are getting hotter so stay tuned to us for full coverage of the event.


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