Bose SoundSport: Modish Way To Hear Music Wirelessly: The most annoying thing you get while you working out or on the go is Wires of your headphones as Music leverages your performance on the field. As you can enjoy music anywhere you want but won’t want to carry along bulky headphones. As many companies are moving their motive from Wired Headphones to Bluetooth ones so we also review on of it’s kind from Bose. As Bose is making headphones for Sports enthusiasts for years as earlier model SIE2 which perform very well and also stands out any many situations.

Bose SoundSport
Bose SoundSport

As today we are reviewing another Bose sports product called as SoundSport. As this is the new approach from Bose in Bluetooth market as many other are also providing Bluetooth earphones but somewhat fail to give Bose quality. Bose takes the year to come in this Bluetooth market and launch this product. Taking about this product When you’re working out, you want your earbuds to stay in. That’s exactly what these do, with a level of comfort that keeps your focus solely on your workout. The tips’ unique shape creates a gentle seal in your ear, which helps improve audio performance. The extended flexible wing provides support and improved stability.So without further ado let’s get startedDesign & Dimensions

Bose SoundSport: Modish Way To Hear Music Wirelessly:

Design & Dimensions:

Bose has put forward some new step in design as Bose crafted this product as Wing design which looks awesome but also provides the comfortable grip to your ears. These headphones are attached to your ears so comfortable but the grip of this to so tough as even jerk can even displace it from your ears. As you can wear this headphone while you are walking, running, bicycling or any other activities you think of as this headphone remains in it’s placed as you want to remove it.

Bose SoundSport
Bose SoundSport
  • It’s designed to be a little shorter because you don’t want to have too much cord dangling down when you’re doing most forms of athletic activity.
  • Taking about Bose new Ear tips which are newly designed from Bose to provide you comfort as well as grips. These tips are specially designed for Sports activities from Soft Silicone material with a unique shape which gently fits in your ear.
  • Bose called these new tips as StayHear®+ Sports tips. It is important to choose the correct size StayHear® tip. Select the size that gives you the best comfort and fit in each ear. You may need to try all three sizes to determine the best fit.
  • On the top of your headphone, you’ll find out power button while it works also as a reset button. While on the earphones you’ll see LED indicators to give you information about battery and connectivity.

    Bose SoundSport
    Bose SoundSport

While the user can choose this headphone in 5 color variant which match your style. You also get a sport-inspired case matched to the color of your headphones. It’s designed to protect and store your headphones when they’re not in use and provides a place to keep your keys and cash during exercise. The attached karabiner allows the case to tag along wherever your workout takes you.

Taking about product dimension SoundSport headphones (including cable and StayHear® tips)

  • Height: 42″
  • StayHear® tips
  • Height: 1″
  • Width: 0.75″
  • Depth: 0.375″
  • Clothing clip
  • Height: 0.75″
  • Width: 0.25″
  • Depth: 0.5″


  • Height: 3.3″
  • Width: 3.3″
  • Depth: 1.1″
  • Approximate Weight:
  • Unit: 0.63 oz
  • Shipping: 1 lbs.
  • Very Lightweight, durable case

Sweat & weather Resistant Design:

  • Sweating it out in the gym or running through the raindrops, these headphones will keep you going every step of the way.
  • The acoustic ports are positioned to resist sweat and weather, and hydrophobic cloth keeps moisture out. Ear tips are also Swart resistant so no fear from sweat as it will not harm your product.
  • SoundSport in-ear headphones are sweat-resistant and stay comfortably—yet securely—in place during vigorous exercises.

Easy Control:

  • An inline microphone and remote make for easy switching between calls and music with select Apple devices. Inline mic/remote lets you easily control volume, skip tracks and take calls, all without reaching for your device. The Bose® SoundSport® in-ear headphones come with an inline microphone and 3-button remote.

    Bose SoundSport Blue Color
    Bose SoundSport
  • If music drives you, go further with headphones engineered to survive the demands of your busy life. There is overall 12 gesture for iPhone user which they should know which make you control your device with headphone only no need to touch your phone.
  • For iPhone user, Bose also provides a Connect app which lets you control other Bose Wireless device without harassing connectivity of this device.As Connect app manages all connections with an intuitive graphic interface.
  • Once paired with multiple devices, the headphones will switch between them automatically whenever you want. The app also provides software updates, product tips and even lets you personalise your settings.
  • Bose also provide this device with NFC for easier connection as you can’t connect with iPhone as iPhone 6s has it but using Android device can easily pair with a device very ease. While Bluetooth procedure is also easy and connect seamlessly.


  • With a sound-isolating in-ear headphone like the Ultra, you also get some cord noise when the cord rubs against your clothes. The open design of the SoundTrue and Freestyle In-Ears eliminates the cord noise but lets ambient noise in. But with SoundSport you will have a clear original sound only of the music want to listen.
  • These sport-inspired headphones feature proprietary StayHear tips that conform to your ear’s shape, so they stay comfortably in place all day long. As you can listen to the song for an hour doesn’t feel anything attach to ears.

Battery Life:

  • The main issue with Bluetooth headphone is the battery life while Bose also engineered this device which gives about 6 hours of usage while Bose also provides a battery case which is additional $50 expense but can charge you device on the go with ease and fast.

Product Features:

  • The Bose® SoundSport® in-ear headphones offer full, balanced sound that conventional sports earbuds can’t match.
  • Exclusive TriPort® technology delivers natural-sounding lows, even at higher volumes.
  • Enjoy your music with deep, clear sound.
  • Sweat- and weather-resistant design to survive your busy day.
  • Proprietary StayHear® tips conform to your ear shape, so they stay comfortably in place even during long, vigorous exercise.
  • Inline mic and remote for calls and music with most Samsung Galaxy and select Android™ devices.
  • Engineered and tested for lasting quality and durability.
  • Lightweight carrying case stores and protects headphones .
  • 5 fresh new colors to suit your style.


While using Bose SoundSport you will really feel as a sportsman with Wing design earphones and StayHear Tips help these headphone won’t leave its place. The sound quality of this device is as like Bose quality while Noise Cancellation is not available in this device as this won’t help you listen to noise at the back which may lead to an accident. But overall it good and nice in both ways design and quality.

Talking about price this device is available at $150 for Headphone Included with Pouch while You can spend extra $50 for Battery Case. There is another version of SoundSport called as SoundSport Pulse which is extra cost $40 but having the feature like Live Heart Rate Monitor and also access by the certain app while the battery has to little sacrifice but only half and hour. While we also provide you review on Plus model also Until then Good Bye.


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