Acer’s Swift 7: The First Laptop Below One Centimeter Mark: The race of slimming laptop was started from Apple’s MacBook Air(17mm-thick) by Steve Jobs in 2008 which was very handy and full of performance and as the technology advances more global player jumps into the race to provide the better slim technology without compromising the performance like Apple’s own 12-inch MacBook (13mm), HP Spectre (10.4mm). Acer thinks beyond these competitors and reaches to the slimming level of 9.98mm thick in there all new Acer’s Swift 7 Laptop, Acer says that makes the Swift 7 the first laptop to get below the one-centimeter mark.

Acer's Swift 7
Acer’s Swift 7

Acer’s Swift 7: The First Laptop Below One Centimeter Mark:

The design of the laptop is made up of an aluminium unibody, it has a 13-inch display which is a full HD (1,920×1,080) IPS panel. The screen lacks touch features which would make the screen somewhat thicker that’s why Acer avoid touch features to make it below the one-centimeter mark.

Acer's Swift 7 Display
Acer’s Swift 7 Display

For giving the performance along with slimming beauty the laptop is powered by latest Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake Core i-series processors, which will work with high efficiency by consuming less power that would also lead to increase in battery life. This processor is also capable of performing 4K video editing without any hiccup.

Acer's Swift 7 Ports
Acer’s Swift 7 Ports

The Swift 5 which is around 15mm thick is another product of Acer which is launch in this IFA 2016 having a display size of 14-inch. The Swift 3 whose thickness is about 18mm thick is a mid-priced range of laptop having 14-inch laptop which is powered by Intel Pentium and Celeron processor options and a low-resolution display as compared to Swift 7. The price of Acer’s Swift 7 Laptop starts from $999


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