Samsung Gear S3: Super-Sized GPS Watch In IFA 2016: After the success of last year successor Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 watch really nice Smartwatch with really nice feature and change the way we think about Smartwatches. As Today at IFA Samsung again release its third installment as Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 which is super-sized, stylish watch with GPS also featuring Spotify, which seems to be made for selected group of peoples & looks like Samsung has also focused on a particular group of users this time just because of the size of the watch being bigger in S3.

Samsung Gear S3
Samsung Gear S3

The traditional design of S3 is designed by Swiss watch designer Yvan Arpa also includes decent & solid stainless steel case. Compatibility with iOS is still a question but this Tizen-based OS S3 watch is compatible with Android phones.

Samsung Gear S3: Super-Sized GPS Watch In IFA 2016:

  • Design: This time it’s a 46 mm watch with watch straps of 22 mm even bigger than the Apple watch which is of 42 mm size & this size is just a matter of the case –bezel which is included in the later one.
  • Battery & Connectivity: This upgraded model runs on a 380 mAh battery which can last up to almost 4 days. On board, GPS enhances all of the tracker systems & supporting the Spotify app to allow streaming though Wi-Fi/LTE.

    Samsung Gear S3
    Samsung Gear S3
  • Processor: Running with 1.0 GHz dual-core Exynos 7270 processor, it also includes microphones making the process of answering any call on the go.
  • Weight & Display: Weighing about 62 g & having a display that is moreover bigger with 1.3-inch Super AMOLED 360×360 display supporting more colors in always on mode. Made up of Gorilla Glass 3 SR+ which had the additional scratch resistant technology.
  • Best fitted with 22mm standard watch strap & with storage capacity as the earlier version S2 i.e. 4 GB.
  • Features: It’s another great addition to the list of smart watches with features like water resistance, Heat/Cold resistance, and Dust resistance.
  • Models: S3 available with two models Classic, and Frontier (Frontier having an optional LTE version too).


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