Lenovo Yoga Book Has Secret Keyboard: Lenovo launches Yoga Book in this IFA 2016 along with Yoga Notebook, Yoga Tablet & Lenovo Miix 510. The keyboard has always been a limitation whether says for a laptop or any portable computer/Tablet. We all have already seen the detachable keyboards & the ones which created awkwardness while carrying them. Now with Lenovo Yoga Book you don’t have to bother while on the go for using a keyboard as it includes a secretly-blank slate fashioned keyboard. You don’t have to worry if you need it most & hadn’t carried one along.

Lenovo Yoga Book Has Secret Keyboard
Lenovo Yoga Book Has Secret Keyboard

Finger placement & key size placement fits very well once you get used to it. Lenovo Apps helps in assisting with the notes & documentation part as well as the other visual featured programs.

Lenovo Yoga Book Has Secret Keyboard:

Lenovo gives clamshell hinge and a 10.1-inch full-HD-resolution display along with a blank slate type keyboard that runs with Real Pen stylus. This time, the drawing tablet is replaced with a backlit keyboard. Lenovo calls it a Halo keyboard as the matte surface gives a much better finger control other than any laptop / tablet.

Lenovo Yoga Book Keyboard
Lenovo Yoga Book Keyboard

Like any other tablet or laptop if not in use you can easily fold the keyboard but with much more ease rather than any other hybrid portable computer. It’s just because of the smaller size which is a boom to the portability with Yoga book – name itself suggests.

Available with both the operating systems Windows 10 being the latest one & also the Android versions are available. Featuring Intel Atom x5 processor it only weighs about 680 grams costing around $499.


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