Does new Name create any Pixel?: As you might get a little bit of shock that Google may end the era of Nexus devices. But hold down as Google is not shutting the door of their smartphone as they only replace the brand tag from “Nexus” to “Pixel” as Google us holding a special event to unveil their new product next month.

Google Pixels
Nexus Change To Pixels

As Pixel is brand name earlier having only for Chromebook from Google while Google also wanted to apply that formula in their smartphone lineup from Nexus to Pixel. As this news was first spotted by Android Police as they also give the name of a new model called as Pixel and Pixel XL. As reportedly both these Pixel devices are made by HTC this year. Taking about both these device as they have sighted in some leaks showing device images. While the device is codenamed as Sailfish and Marlin.

HTC Sailfish & Marlin
HTC Sailfish & Marlin

Does new Name create any Pixel?:

  • Google also unveil their Chromecast which has 4K capabilities to give you more vivid content. Google may call Chromecast as “Chromecast Ultra” or “Chromecast Plus” which may growth selling of these devices.
  • Google may also be ready to unveil their new product line Google Dream VR as earlier sighted on Google I/O 2016. Google has revealed Blueprint of this device earlier for other manufacturers to show their creativity while Google may also release this new VR headset also launch in this event.

As only about a month is left for the event and Google may also introduce other products like Pixel Tablet and Chromebook Pixel on that event while it is not clear yet. Google Pixel device have some things amazing feature which you won’t find on other Android devices according to leaks. While the event is held on October 4 so what do you expect form New Pixel device? While you can stay with us so we can provide you all details about the event until then good bye.


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