iPhone 7 Leaks Till August: As only about 4 days left for the launch of the world’s most anticipated phone of the year, everybody is excited about this as what to expect with the new Smartphone. Apple has sent their invites to media person to join Apple for the event of September 7 for iPhone 7 as many are expecting to Apple to launch Apple Watch and Macbook in that event. While we have cover iPhone 7 during entire journey for about one year after iPhone 6s release from Since we have collected nice amount of leaks which we shared with you during the entire iPhone 7 Journey as cover is soon be unveil and you know about the product while we write this article to made you aware about last month what we get to know about iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Leaks Till August:

1). New Color Variant:

iPhone 7 adds a new color variant to iPhone earlier series as Apple last’s year add Rose Gold to this model while now Apple is ready to introduce new color variants for the device as Space Black. Space black color is same you see in iPhone 5 Black color as is one of the favorite colors of iPhone but Apple has change that color variant to Space Grey which is a good replacement but won’t match that quality.

Image Of iPhone 7 Space Grey Leaks
iPhone 7 Leaks New Space Black Color

2). Apple A10 Chip:

Revealed Apple A10 chip which power new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus device has finally be revealed last month but not the spec what lies inside that chip. While this year Apple has unlisted Samsung to manufacture their A10 chip so TSMC has 100% manufacturing responsibility. While you can read this down below link.img_1706

3). “AirPods”:

Apple has to find out solution for removal of headphone jack as leaks are suggesting Apple may provide a converter for Lightning Connector to 3.5mm Headphone jack while other leaks are suggesting about Apple new venture to wireless may lead Apple to Produce AirPod which is wireless solution for current EarPod as AirPod is really nice concept and also look very nice.

iPhone 7 Air pods Leaks
iPhone 7 Air pods Leaks

4). Logic Board:

A leak earlier this month showing leak images of Logic board of iPhone 7 which shows some changes in the board as compared to iPhone 6s. The Placement of iPhone new A10 chip is a little bit higher and Sim Slot is also shifted and leaks of removal of the headphone jack are also true as you’ll not find the leak.img_1701

While these are leaks which covered last month while this month we’ll give you review about the device so stay tuned to us for more fact you want to know.


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