What To Expect With Apple Special Event?: As the stage is about to set for the launch of world’s most anticipated product of the year and what more to expect with Apple Special event. We are here to tell you more about what the world is expecting from Apple to unveil in this special event. Many of you expecting Apple most iconic product iPhone which is really made the event so popular around the world. While another lineup in this product line may include Apple Watch 2, MacBook Pro or iMacs as these products might be released in other special event held in October. So without further ado lets get started.

As you remember this is the remarkable day Apple has launched new iPod Touch 1st Gen which is a nice alternative for consuming media and playing games from iPhone. While Apple has now less notice toward this device it has been 4years that iPod lineup has received any changes in design as only in the internals. While apart from this let’s get started.

What To Expect With Apple Special Event?:

iPhone 7 & 7Plus:

Talking about Apple most anticipated product and streamline Apple iPhone. Apple this year release new gen iPhone called as iPhone 7. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are two model which are going to be released this year as leaks are suggesting about third one iPhone 7 Pro. Leaks and rumour of iPhone 7 are from last year before the launch of iPhone 6s and we are finally here to see the launch of another one. Some rumour is wrong while some are seeming actually define product while we are only talking what you will find on iPhone 7 according to leaks.

iPhone 7 Dark Blue
iPhone 7 Leaks

The first and foremost is about Apple is dropping base 16GB from iPhone lineup as 32GB now become mainstream and 128GB or 256GB as an option. Apart from storage other things will really like new about new iPhone 7 is Thinner Antenna design, New Camera in iPhone 7 while iPhone 7 Plus feature Dual Camera,Camera also feature OIS, New Color called as Piano Black same as Slate Black in iPhone 5, new force Touch ID, New Smart Connecter in iPhone 7 Plus, No Headphone Jack, Dual Speakers while these are the feature you will find the device.

Talking about what lies inside is Powerful A10 Chipset Which is dual core CPU Clocked at 2.4GHz, iPhone 7 Plus model will feature more RAM up to 3GB, New Connectivity Support and Faster Wi-Fi and New laser tracking earpiece sensor. These are a new thing you may expect with Apple iPhone 7 release as analyst says earlier that Apple may release new overhaul version in 2017 iPhone.

Apple Watch 2:

Apple Watch is the perfect companion for Apple iPhone launched in 2015 and also gain love from people. As a whole year is now completed Apple is planning to launch a new version of Apple Watch called as Apple Watch 2 which won’t have many features as it includes 35% more battery and thinner design. Apart from that Apple may introduce new Smart bands which will act as. Modular part for the band as this is the only leak which won’t like to appear this butt Apple may introduce in upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 2 ECG Strap Patent
Apple Watch 2 ECG Strap Patent

MacBook Pro:

It has been since four years that Apple even looks their Notebook series as they only revamped their model but not do any overhaul. Due this fact Apple is losing their grip from Apple Notebook lineup which they are known for and many other companies are considering their Notebook is better than MacBook.

MacBook Pro Leaks And Rumors
MacBook Pro Leaks And Rumors

But Apple is this year release new overhaul model of MacBook Pro with lots of new features according to leaks. As we start from New Touch OLED panel, New Retinal Display, New Design, Intel 6th Gen CPU, More RAM, More Storage and other. But Apple may introduce this line up in earlier in October while other are suggesting Apple may introduce in this Special event day 7th September.

As these are the produce which is expected from Apple to launch in this event while another lineup like iMac, iPad and more may release in October special event. So until then I will take your leave and stay tuned for Apple latest news from Apple event.


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