iPhone 7 A10 Chipset Benchmark Leak: Only about two days are left and leaks and rumor are not going to slow its pace as today we have seen another leak about the new A10 chipset. As earlier, we have seen a GeekBench score but the leaks are turned out to be fake but this time, it appears to be true. As earlier leaks suggesting about Apple, A10 chipset is clocked at 2.4Ghz which gives this device a nice edge over iPhone 6s performance. Talking about the score this device has a score of 3379 for single-core and 5494 for multi-core. Which made this device 35% higher than iPhone 6s. 35% higher doesn’t mean that device is 35%faster than iPhone 6s but real world performance is still faster.

iPhone 7 A10 Chipset Benchmark Leak:

GeekBench also identifies new score and marked model as iPhone9,3 which means that device comes in three different model while the existing gen iPhone only have 2 model as iPhone8,1 and iPhone 8,2. Which surely means that Apple will launch new iPhone 7 Pro. While memory in this device according to GeekBench reports 2GB RAM. Which means that this model is iPhone 7 4.7-inch model. Apple may surely bump up memory because new dual camera requires lots of memory for image processing so the may include 3GB RAM in iPhone 7 5.5-inch model.

iPhone 7 A10 Chipset Benchmark Leak
iPhone 7 A10 Chipset Benchmark Leak

In the leaks, OS which is running is iOS 10.1 which is still not near for developer which means that this future OS which includes some feature in iPhone 7. Apple may announce new iOS in the event which includes new feature run in iPhone 7 same as iPhone 6s 3D touch update. Only one thing missing in the leaks is new GPU as Apple GPU is powerful among all other smartphone GPU. Apple uses PowerVR GT series of GPU in their smartphone which has a better edge from Adreno GPU you found on Snapdragon SoC.

Talking about power no Android phone still able to beat iPhone 6s performance while making iPhone 7 faster will make another record which hard to beat. Stay tuned to Tech Awareness for coverage of all the announcements in the Wednesday event until then good bye.


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