What To Expect With iPhone 7

What To Expect With iPhone 7

What To Expect With iPhone 7: As the Word, anticipation is going to over on 7 September as Apple will introduce its flagship iPhone 7 in the special event. The place for this legendary launch is located in San Francisco, The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium which is a multi-purpose arena. It is the place where Apple earlier created history by introducing many revolutionary products from Apple Mac to Apple Watch.

iPhone 7 is one of the hottest topics among the consumers which can be seen on social networking sites and blogs with booming topics of iPhone 7 leaks and rumors. The consumers also have some expectation with this upcoming new Apple iPhone 7 as statics reveals that more than 50% of currently using iPhone users want to replace their existing one with iPhone 7. Let’s see what leaks and rumors are there and what expectation consumer is having with this iPhone 7.

What To Expect With iPhone 7:

1). Thinner Antenna Band:This leak is seen earlier this year around the internet as this leak is the basic fundamental design change you will see in iPhone 7 as compared to the earlier version that is iPhone 6s. Thinning of antenna band give iPhone 7 more appealing look which is been really liked by the iPhone lover.

2) Piano Black Color: This leak was about the introduction of the fifth color to iPhone lineup that is piano black. This is not a different color and it was earlier used in the iPhone 5 as slate black. This is one of the most demanding among user which has been replaced by space gray by the introduction of iPhone 5s

3) No Headphone Jack: This is very first leak and rumor which we heard from the sources and leaks, as this leak is pointing towards Apple vision of using lighting connector as an audio output in contrast of 40-year-old headphone jack technology. Some people disappointed by the leak as they will be the only bond to Apple lightining connector headphone or the wireless headphones with has limitation to a battery while other like this feature because by removing headphone jack help apple to add the extra battery and dual speaker.

4) Waterproofing : This leak rounding around from two weeks that tell us that next upcoming iPhone 7 will be  IP 7 rating waterproof which means that it can protect your phone from light usage in water but not recommended for swimming. Earlier iPhone 6s has waterproofing labeling but Apple doesn’t mention it as the waterproof device. Public really like to have this features in their new iPhone as many of them want to enjoy it carefreely on beaches, waterpark that will provide them the protection of 30 min in 1-meter water level.

5) New Camera: In today’s world good camera is the must have features that everyone wants to have on their phone and there is the leak that iPhone 7 will have the larger aperture, OIS camera and iPhone 7 Plus will feature the dual camera that will able you capture a more detailed image. People’s are really very excited regarding this camera.

6) Force Touch ID Button: This feature will enable iPhone users to use iPhone7 in the new different way by the certain gesture. The new touch id button will allow the user to use iPhone 7 with one handed usage as like earlier smaller size iPhone. People show a netural response to this feature and considering it as add-on features to the upcoming iPhone 7.

7) New Memory Option: There is the leak that Apple finally going to drop the 16GB base model that will upgrade with new 32GB base model and removal of 64GB. Apple will also introduce 128GB and 256GB for the consumer who want more space for their content. Some people who love capturing photos a lot or having greats collection of songs and movies shows positive response while some say that more than 128GB is more than sufficient.

Honorable mention

As these are the mainstream leaks about new iPhone 7 while here we will discuss about other leaks which we came to learn so far are New iPhone Model which made lineup 3 Models as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro, New Laser Tracking Earpiece, Faster Processor, More RAM in iPhone 7 Plus which is 3GB, Fast Charging and Many more.

As these are the leaks we met entire year after the launch of iPhone 6s and these leaks are fantasies user and will attract user toward new iPhone 7. As we have to provide you each and every detail of event so stay tuned to Tech Awareness and Good Bye.


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