Is Removing Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 Really Shows Courage?: Technology is the name of change if we stick to ENIAC the world first computer we never able to see Mac nowadays. The years of innovation and thinking made the product what we use today and we are not made technology liked by everyone as some may like and other may not but trying to lure their heart to at least give a try to use new technology is always the motive of manufacturers. As on Wednesday Apple Launches their most anticipated Phone of the year iPhone 7. As the event goes on everything was right as except but when they show that iPhone 7 not having Headphone jack many user and manufacturers are not satisfied with Apple’s verge.

Is Removing Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 Really Shows Courage?:

  • As Apple give their clarification about Headphone Jack Removal as it provides more space for battery and new camera sensor, Apple sees the World of Wireless Future, They wanted to remove this age old technology and Courage which may not like by many users. Some might think Apple is promoting their $169 Wireless headphone but this might not be true as Apple has provided a Lightning Connecter Headphone and a Converter from Lightning Connector to 3.5mm Jack. So these are the reason and solution which Apple provided in against removing headphone jack but may not satisfy many of us but Why?

As earlier Steve Jobs said, Technology we made may like by some and not like by some, but we have to take these serious decision to provide the best thing we think best for our customers.

  • While this is not the first time Apple made this decision earlier much other decision made by Apple which in starting may not like many of us but slowly we accept change. As like in MacBook Air for Removal of Optical Drives and now many manufacturers remove Optical Drive to add extra space for battery and other add-on feature, while many another thing which we may not like from beginning but slowly accept change as time passes.
  • While back to our issue as removing Headphone Jack may create some real time issue as how we listen to music while charging Phone but this situation may occur only few time while you using the iPhone. While other says that how they use their older headphone having a headphone jack in iPhone as Apple provided an extra extension for that.
  • But all these questions has solution but the question is that are we still ready to accept the removal of year old technology. As using Lighting Connector provide many headphones to play high quality of music which is not possible for 3.5mm headphone jack. Bluetooth is another solution for user to use wireless headphone which is really nice option.

While we also get benefit for removal of headphone jack as it help Apple give Dual Stereo Speakers, More Microphones, Extra Battery, New Force Home Button and New Haptic Engine. So by removing headphone jack and replacing it space with number of good features is good move that may be like by consumer in future.


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