Now You Can Easily Store Your Live Photo Into Google Photos: Google apps really make work easy in iOS devices for many people anyone using iOS may rarely not use Google App either useful or not but we use. This provides Google to think more about iOS device as last year they introduce their Photo App which stores an unlimited amount of photos which is the direct reply of Apple iCloud.

Now You Can Easily Store Your Live Photo Into Google Photos:

Google continuously enhancing Photo app according to the user as now they give users the ability to edit Live Photos and turn them into shareable GIFs and video clips, making the images more accessible to those not using iPhones.

Earlier this Google already introduce app that has the ability to edit Live Photos with Motion Stills an app. The app searches your Camera Roll for Live Photos and edited them down into GIFs or movies. As this app help the user to add their Live Photo images to social network site pretty easily and also sends other user using iPhone or not. That feature has now been rolled out into Google Photos 2.0.

New App also lets you share you Clips on YouTube. While for more editing you’ll still need Motion Still app. Motion Still app is only made for iOS device which captures Live Photos which shows how Google think about Apple users.


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