7 Reason to Buy iPhone 7: Another Apple release and another Apple Flagship but it is very hard to choose that if you want to replace your existing ones. As iPhone 7 looks little bit identical to iPhone 6s but things which lie under the hood is different talking about powerful Performance to Brightest display each and everything you feel it is different. So without further ado let give you the reason why to have iPhone 7.

7 Reason to Buy iPhone 7:

1). Jet Black:

As this is the best reason to purchase iPhone 7 as in the current pre-order Apple has already sold out each and every version of Jet Black color so you can think how popular this color is it. Despite having certain demerits in color Jet Black really catches eyes of everyone either in the event or in display session. Apple design Jet Black by dropping Space Black and Jet Black looks really cool. You should at least try this device in store and feel the depth of color as it looks display and casing having unified relationship between each other, Antenna Band are no more visible and When you hold the device it really feel Glassy.

2). New Camera:

Apple each and every year made iPhone camera better by introducing enhancement in the sensor as Apple’s iSight camera captures most images than any other camera do so you can think how popular it is. Apple increase the Aperture of iPhone 7 to capture more light which means that 50% more light so you can capture amazing night light photos. Apple also tinkers iPhone 7 LED lights as they have now used 4 Quad-LED arrangement in device Which capture 50% more area of light so capturing with flash is also more amazing.

3). Force Home Button:

Apple now finally ditch pressing of Home button as they give solid button in place of earlier switch home button but Apple now attaches home button to Haptic Engine to give you feel of press and touch gesture. You should really try this feature of iPhone 7 you’ll feel how Apple made new Force Button while all the earlier gesture like double tap to multitasking windows, Hold for a while to launch Siri and more.

4). Dual Stereo Speakers:

Apple finally listens to the request of the user and being dual stereo speakers in iPhone As new speakers are 50% louder than iPhone 6s so you can listen to music without any interruption of noise. Dual speakers really produce louder sound than earlier iPhone and while playing games or watch the movie now your hand won’t come in way of your speakers.

5). A10 Fusion Chip:

Apple new A10 Fusion Chip is a quad core CPU as Two Core are performance Core while other Two are energy efficient core so task like iMessage, Mail, Calendar and other power efficient task while another task which requires more power can be handled by Other two chip. Apple also made graphics more powerful with the now support of console games which is really good for gamers.

6). More Battery:

Apple also enhances the battery life of iPhone 7 with 1 hour more than iPhone 6s in real life usage but Apple design A10 Fusion Chip also manage how to pour power into the device while saving battery so you’ll really feel this device how much battery it can give.

7). New Retina HD Display:

Apple also add little bit effect to its display as they made iPhone Display around 20% brighter, Apple also focuses on providing Wide Color Gamut and giving Cinematic Experience. New iPhone Display is really awesome and looks nice with a brighter display and more color display looks more vivid and nice.

While all these features and more like lightning connector Ear Pods, More Storage Option as Removal of 16GB as a base model and much more make iPhone 7 your next item of your wish list. Until then I will take your leave good bye and stay tuned for more.


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