Apple Still Working For Inductive Charging For iPhone 8: It’s not even days that iPhone 7 leaks have been over and Apple started to take next venture that is what will happen in next iPhone. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple two days ago which is showing details of wireless charging station which clearly indicates that iPhone 2017 will sport Wireless Charging.

Talking about the design of this charger Apple made the station in a cylindrical shape and contoured surface. Apple also note some details about the patent as they made device space for an inductive charging coil, confirming that the tools are designed specifically for the creation of a wireless charging device.

Apple Still Working For Inductive Charging For iPhone 8:

  • Apple also describes the ways how this device work from electrical current to another device via inductive power transmission. An inductive transmitter coil wraps around a metal core and is designed to pair with a receiver coil and charge the battery in the electronic device.
  • Apple notes that the charger also includes an electromagnetic transparent support surface for the device to be charged, made a device sit on the station unencumbered and receive power wirelessly through inductive coupling technology which is really awesome to use.
  • The charging station includes USB connector cable to connect your device from an external source.
  • Apple made wireless patent tow year ago still not able to find the perfect solution for use of it. Apple also wants to make this technology accessible to all region of with introduction of wireless charging station through NFC as current Samsung Phone does.
  • Apple is trying to provide wireless charging in iPhone 7 but somehow they won’t able to provide this feature. As this feature allow iPhone 7 become more waterproof. But Apple is trying to plan to bring this feature in anniversary product. So it also more excited to see how Apple will make this technology.
  • As this feature is the perfect solution for people who are upset with no headphone in iPhone as they can charge and listen to music while they can opt both wireless options. While also feature some other wireless charging dock from other third parties as like Apple Watch. So hoping this feature come to iPhone best solution for many answers.


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