Lets Know About OLED Display: You may wonder what is this new display you may find on your devices as OLED. As OLED display has taken place in our smartphones,TV, and many other electronics product nowadays. But you know that OLED is no new technology as is simply a part LED while we are discussing more of OLED in this articles as how it works and what are differences between both of these so without further ado let get started.

An OLED display stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) is light emitting diode (LED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current while LED uses three color diode light which produces color combination of light to show different another color while OLED also does the same but with Organic compound in respond to lights. This layer of organic semiconductor is situated between two electrodes; typically, at least one of these electrodes is transparent.

Lets Know About OLED Display:

There are many major questions arises in your mind about OLED that How its Works, Why OLED, How is Different from LCD’s, LED or many other questions in your mind which we will clear hear as you read this article.

How its Works?

OLED uses an organic compound which laminates when comes with respond of light as OLED has 4 color variation including White, Red, Green and Blue through the combination of all these how OLED displays create colors. While talking about LED it is simply a Semi Conductor which allows one direction flow current and allow light to glow. When these current comes in contact with Organic compound light start to glow and you see images by a combination of millions of OLED’s.


The OLED display really produces nice color and capable of producing deeper black which helps this device having more advantage over LED and LCD’s. The OLED display doesn’t use Backlit which uses in LED display which made a display create a deeper black effect while OLED has really solved this problem by removing backlit which creates deeper black.

As earlier LED display uses backlit which feels little bit light up when all pixel went black while OLED display completes off the whole light and not having backlit won’t produce the whitest effect. The OLED display is capable of creating nice color output than LCD’s and LED which gives device edge over these displays.

What are the advantages of OLED?

OLED displays are in developing stage while it is used in mass in many of our smartphones, smartwatch and many other products you may think why it so. While using OLED display have many advantages over other display’s

  • Lower Cost in the Future:  OLEDs can be printed onto any form by inkjet printer which made this cheaper than LCD’s.
  • Lightweight: OLED display is really lighter than LCD display as it contains thin sheet which made light weight.
  • Flexible: OLED can bend up to a certain extent but more than other display which made this display can be use in any bendable smartphone, curved displays or anything you think off.
  • Thin: OLED displays are also really thin than LED and LCD which help this device to take less space in products.
  • Better Picture Quality: OLED display have a better picture than LED’s LCD’s display as it enables a greater artificial contrast ratio, OLED display also has wide angle view than LCD display which also really nice feature.
  • Power Efficiency: The OLED display is also power efficient than LCD and little over LED’s with nice response time to refresh pixels.

Types of OLEDs

The OLED display can be use mainly two feature as AMOLED and PMOLED. As AMOLED display provide display more precision while PMOLED adds simple formula for off and on of LEDs.

Future of OLED:

  • OLED display and light come in great use in future technology as there is one major disadvantage with the display is that it start loosing color in certain thousand hours of usage. As development is going on to put certain stability in this display and color fade effect to take more time but this require time.
  • While analyst suggests that OLED display will make twice as a business today in 2022.
  • Talking about future usage OLED light can be used in future cars as BMW has already in research to put OLED in lamps and lights.

So these are things we know so far about OLED display while if you have any queries or wanted to add in this content can comment in the section below.


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