Google Pixel Phone Leaks: As another year is going to end and all excitement of phone industry lies behind Google new venture Pixel is the last one people anxiously waiting for device. After this year two best smartphone launch Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7, Google still have something best to show as Google now rebrand their Nexus series to Pixel. Talking about Pixel Google this year may introduce two model Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google Pixel Phone Leaks:

The Pixel (Sailfish) and Pixel XL (Marlin) both of these phone will have Snapdragon 821 CPU which is the fastest processor. Google also craft the Pixel lineup with special software including a voice assistant and many other. Talking about hardware Pixel smartphone will also sport faster and new hardware you ever saw on any Android device. Pixel device will have 4GB of RAM which made multitasking more powerful. Google also bring this device in storage model of 32GB as base and 128GB as Higher option. While the Price of Bigger is $649.

Google Pixel Phone Leaks
Google Pixel Phone Leaks

Pixel smartphone leaks are spotted all around the internet from Video to Picture. New Design of New Pixel device is really nice with new design element and shape. The color of Pixel device is also unique in its class. On the back side, you’ll find new G logo as Nexus branding is also gone. Headphone jack on this device is placed on the top left corner.

Google Pixel Phone Leaks
Google Pixel Phone Leaks

The camera on new Pixel device is also going to be nice with the new Camera sensor, Larger Aperture to capture more light, Laser Auto Focus, Faster Image Capturing, More Enhanced ISP and Much More. New Pixel device sports Larger Flash to throw out more light from back to capture more detail in the background. On the front side, Pixel device may also introduce some enhancement.

The battery of Pixel device is 2770 mAh in Higher version. There is so much excitement about new Pixel device have so stay tuned to us for more.


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