Reason To Buy Galaxy Note 7 Over iPhone 7: Samsung faces much disappointment from their Galaxy Note 7 issue as many users complain about phone burning issue, which made a stigma to Samsung while Samsung lover still loves their device and not wanted to swipe their Note 7 to other smartphones. While Apple new iPhone 7 gain little bit attraction of customer toward it, as according to T-Mobile they received around 4 times order than iPhone 6, Apple Store has sold out iPhone 7 units and Pre-order iPhone 7 model Jet Black and Matt Black version are stock out. So you many think that Apple is gonna again to create history for selling units.

While Galaxy Note 7 apart from burning issue received a compliment like Phone of the year or the best smartphone ever. While there is much confusion among customer to choose between these two devices. Galaxy Note 7 received major change like design change, display change, camera and more while iPhone 7 also received some iconic one like Dual Camera in iPhone 7 Plus, Quad Core CPU, Powerful GPU, 3D Touch, Haptic Engine and more which made iPhone 7 stand out Galaxy Note 7, while their are other reason in which Note 7 stand above iPhone 7 so without further ado lets get started.

Reason To Buy Galaxy Note 7 Over iPhone 7:

1. Design:

Apple adopted again same design pattern with little bit change in antenna band and camera bump. While talking about Note 7 adopted best smartphone of this year with Edge display which made you comfortable to hold the device, arrangement of the headphone jack, speakers, S-Pen and Button Placement all are perfect and easy to use. iPhone 7 also have new Force Home Button which simulates click and taps through haptic feedback while it really works to redefine user experience.

Galaxy Note 7 Design V/s iPhone 7 Design
Galaxy Note 7 Design V/s iPhone 7 Design

New Color in iPhone 7 including Jet Black and Matt Black is nice but Color of Note 7 also has Glassy Color which looks nicer than iPhone 7. While comparing both phone Note 7 really get an edge in terms of design pattern which is new while iPhone 7 have a similar 3-year-old model which made iPhone 7 older in design and not able to made an edge in this session.

2. Display:

Display in Note 7 is really awesome with 2K AMOLED which leaves iPhone 7 far behind with an approx HD display iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have F-HD LED display. So Note 7 is really nice over iPhone 7. The brightness of iPhone 7 is around 625 nits while Note 7 has 1000nits which mean more bright screen and sunlight readability is more. Picture saturation, Contrast, and Color made Note 7 best in Display.

Galaxy Note 7 V/s iPhone 7 Dispaly
Galaxy Note 7 V/s iPhone 7 Display

3. S-Pen Over 3D Touch:

Note 7 S-Pen receives drastic change like pressure sensitive pen which made Note 7 a best for making Notes, Drawing, Edit or much more. While 3D Touch in iPhone 7 is limited to some app supporting this feature while S-Pen quick action is really nice and made the device faster and access quicker.

Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen V/s iPhone 7 3D Touch
Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen V/s iPhone 7 3D Touch

4. Waterproofing:

iPhone 7 finally receive waterproofing but some how to fail to mange its ability as it can hold inside water up to 1M for 30 min while Note 7 can survive 30M for 30 min which made Plus point to Note 7. While submerging iPhone 7 inside water disable screen and many other functions while Note 7 can be operated inside water which is really good. iPhone 7 to sport IP67 Rating while Note 7 to sport IP68 Rating so you can decide which device has best water capability.

Galaxy Note 7 V/s iPhone 7 Waterproofing
Galaxy Note 7 V/s iPhone 7 Waterproofing

5. Android over iOS:

As this is year old question around Since 9 year but still no one can simply differentiate these OS. As you can say iOS has Decent OS while Android is Open based OS but the question arise how these OS stand in real life situation. Note 7 still support Marshmallow which is a year old OS which made no comparison with iOS 10 in iPhone 7. But in terms of usage Note, 7 has Samsung software and enhancement which gives this device little over the edge to iOS. But still in terms of all other terms, Android still lack behind iOS.


So these are the reason which we suggest you over iPhone 7 while there is one other article which soon is published to give more reason to buy iPhone 7 over Note 7. Samsung in recent days faces some issue regarding Note 7 which made Note 7 lack behind iPhone 7 as in starting Note 7 was One of the best smartphone to buy but the issue of burning Note 7 cause iPhone 7 to get more customer.


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