iPhone 7 Teardown, Home Button Issue and Sales: Apple flagship smartphone iPhone 7 finally release for consumer many of consumer start testing device according to them either by dropping, performance, durability, waterproofing, day to day usage or so on. While yesterday iFixit finally tear new iPhone 7 gives detail about each component and part as for how Apple keen placed each hardware into a body of iPhone 7 and the main question now also answered what replace headphone jack of iPhone.

What lies inside iPhone 7?

In its teardown iFixit uses iPhone 7 Plus model first impression of inside iPhone 7 is like the previous model. The classic Pentalobe screws are still there, while there are still two screws on each side of Lightning connector. When you remove display you’ll find waterproofing pasting inside iPhone 7 display which protects the device from water.

iPhone 7 Teardown
iPhone 7 Teardown

What takes Headphone Jack Space?

As Removal of Headphone Jack is the remarkable step from Apple toward Wireless Future. While removal of headphone jack now a majority of space is taken by Taptic Engine which is larger than the previous model. This gives the reason for Headphone Jack Removal issue.

iPhone 7 Teardown Taptic Engine
iPhone 7 Teardown Taptic Engine

The battery in iPhone 7?

Talking about Battery iPhone 7 has the 1960mAh battery which means it means that device has 11% increment from the previous 1715mAh. While iPhone 7 Plus Model also sports battery bump 2915mAh from 2750mAh in iPhone 6 Plus which means 11% increment. While Apple is suggesting that device battery will outperform older iPhone battery life. Larger Battery also takes more space so Headphone Jack Removal also needed.

iPhone 7 Plus Teardown Battery
iPhone 7 Plus Teardown Battery

What inside A10 Fusion?

While diving deeper into iPhone 7 you’ll find out iPhone 7 Plus sports 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM alongside A10 Fusion Chipset. ChipWorks teardown of iPhone 7 confirms that at least some model feature several Intel parts. As some device also support Qualcomm network. Talking about power new A10 Fusion Chip is clocked 2.4Ghz which made device performance out par industry standard.

Touch ID Button

New Force Touch Home Button is more difficult to tear down as this time process for crafting is much more complicated. While talking about more for Touch ID Button Apple this time around made Button more Skin Impact as Winter Gloves will not work in this device which creates an issue in Winter season. As Button of device works under pressure with skin contact so Screen touch gloves will not work so this step of Apple is really not good.

iPhone 7 And 7 Plus New Home Button, New Home Button Of Apple, iPhone 7 Home Button
iPhone 7 And 7 Plus New Home Button

As new button provide a more vivid experience of a device but still this problem made the impact to it. While new button also crafted for waterproofing as no water will not come inside a device.

Sales Update

New sales of iPhone 7 are going really awesome as Apple has already sold all the unit of Jet Black and Black version of iPhone 7 both model. While iPhone 7 Plus model is more in demand than iPhone 7 for the first time. T-Mobile receives 4x more Pre-Order than iPhone 6 model.

People Sit in Queue for iphone 7
People Sit in Queue for iPhone 7

While in the walk-in session many stores have not iPhone 7 Plus model available which may disappoint many customers. As iPhone Sale day are ritual for Apple and fans are ready for this sale.


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