iPhone 7 Powerful Than MacBook Air: After announcing most powerful smartphone processor Apple new A10 Fusion Chip many people get attracted toward it and wanted to know what lies inside it. As earlier GeekBench shows new A10 Fusion Chipset will deliver around 3,450 in iPhone 7. As this benchmark really made iPhone 7 more powerful than MacBook Air. As compared with Android Domain this device out par each and every Snapdragon Processor over twice fast.

iPhone 7 Powerful Than MacBook Air:

iPhone 7 scores better on both single-core and multi-core than any MacBook Air and also over par MacBook Pro 2013. So you really think how powerful this processor is with so much performance. While the benchmark is a theory as both devices are different and perform the different function so we can not compare them according to benchmark. As MacBook’s has full fledge Computer Processor, with more powerful RAM and SSD which means they perform better than A10 Chipset.

iPhone 7 Powerful Than MacBook Air
iPhone 7 Powerful Than MacBook Air

We also perform some test iMovie editing between MacBook Pro and iPad Pro as both these device perform equally well. While iPhone 7 and MacBook Air also gives about the difference of seconds. As iPhone 7 has faster-rendering speed but the comparison is made with the equal device while some aspect may cause rendering speed in MacBook Air because of a larger display.

While comparing with Android devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Moto Z or Asus ZenFone 3 having best Android Processor like Snapdragon 820 or 821 but all these phones are lack behind iPhone 7 two times which creates a major difference in day to day performance. While iPhone 6s already leaves behind this Android Smartphone so you can think how really iPhone 7 is powerful. Multi-Core Benchmark is also greater than this device.

Finally, iPhone 7 is yet powerful smartphone in the entire industry. So you really feel the performance of iPhone 7 in terms of multitasking, power usage, playing games and more.


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