Samsung Galaxy S8 May Ditch Headphone Jack and Introduce Only Curved Model: Samsung’s new disastrous exploding lithium-ion battery issue which has hit the Galaxy Note 7, While some customer has filed a law dispute for their smartphone. Due to this mishaps, Samsung accelerated work on its next flagship Galaxy S8. As Samsung is making some drastic changes to S8.

Galaxy S8 now only have Edge model as like Note 7 which is easy to use and feel comfortable, a user can perform one hand task easily without any issue. As earlier model S7 comes in Flat Display and Curved one now Samsung ditched Flat one. As Curved is huge in demand among consumer. For a last two year, Samsung boosts sales of Edge model than Flat screen model which made Samsung go for Edge one. As this report come from Korea Herald on of the reliable source inside Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 May Ditch Headphone Jack and Introduce Only Curved Model:

The new Galaxy S8 will include two models, one with a 5.1-inch display while other with a 5.5-inch display. As both models will have Edge display while there is little difference in Processor or Camera. The Both model were code named as Dream and Dream as revealed by sources. Samsung will introduce new design change into S8 which must be drastic one as S6 and S7 feature identical design. Samsung also applies Apple two-year design change policy while Apple is gone to three-year venture. While Samsung may also come with the same design as S7. But may hope to see the new design.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak

Samsung has to prepare to fought with Apple anniversary edition iPhone as most people are expecting some radical change which may revolutionise Smartphone industry as today. So Samsung has a tough job to do. Samsung may also follow the path Cupertino counterpart and may ditch 3.5mm headphone jack as this may not like by Samsung lover as earlier in S6 Samsung tries to follow the path of iPhone and bring storage option and reduce waterproofing which causes S6 to fail in the market. Samsung then comes to same way and add memory slot and waterproofing which liked by Samsung fans. As Samsung may bring a new pair of headphones with new Samsung Chip as like Apple AirPods.

Samsung has already lost customer trust during the Note 7 which Samsung still paying so new Galaxy Could make any effect into the market or not comment on this down below. Hoping so that Samsung regains its regime or may get loss market shares. Samsung may launch S8 a week before Mobile World Congress in early 2017.


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