iOS 10 Running On 23 Percent iOS Devices In Just 3 Days: Apple’s new iOS 10 was released on Earlier this week for iOS user worldwide, and new iOS is smashing all the earlier adoption record. As from report, Apple has managed to get bring iOS 10 to 22.31 percent of all iOS devices in just three days since release. As compared to counterpart Android there is no percentage of a user has upgraded to this new version of Nougat.

iOS 10 was released on Tuesday, as the earlier report claims that new iOS brick some user device and other user face some issues. But the new feature is enough for user to lure their heart. As new update brings lots of improvements to iMessage, Maps, Music, and Photos app. Apple also changes the legendary slide to unlock feature to Press Home to unlock. New iOS also feature Rich Notification and Quick Reply to more Apps. Siri also get world interaction chance so you can make Siri the best personal device yet. Apple also little bit tweaked design of iOS 10 which looks nicer than ever.

iOS 10 Running On 23 Percent iOS Devices In Just 3 Days:

While earlier iOS user means iOS 9 has dropped to 72.25 percent and other older version are running on about 5.44 percent units. So many users from iOS 9 has updated their device to iOS 10 which shows a right sign to the consumer as they are sure about Apple new update and have believed in Apple software update.

While talking about Android new OS Nougat Android still not able to open its account among user as no new Nexus device still release and older Nexus user are still in Marshmallow. Android OS adoption always faces this issue as many of Android device including OEM like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony or More don’t able to bring a new update in their OS which made the user survive in older software updates. Android Marshmallow account overall 18% of adoption and Two-year-old Lollipop have 35 percent user base. As adoption is the major drawback for Android OS to lure people heart and main reason so swap Android user to iOS or other OS.

As Apple new iOS adoption shows how people like the new interface and eagerly wanted to use this. This also reflects the tight-knit nature of Apple’s hardware-software ecosystem that succeeds in getting the latest software even on older hardware almost as soon as it is released. As new OS adoption also made developer develop their apps according to new OS. As many new Apps like Whatsapp, Uber or more support new Siri, Various apps like Evernote, Air app or more now support Rich Notification, iMessage support. As talking about Fingerprint unlock API still not make major app adoption till now as it has been a year and developer still not upgrading their app shows how Android back in this technology.

New iOS 10 faces some issue for the T-Mobile user as they face bricking issue initially but T-Mobile now brings fix so you can download iOS 10 seamlessly without any issue.


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