Why iPhone 7 is Better than any other Samsung Phone: After the release of Galaxy Note 7 Samsung review going above the sky’s as somehow, it may affect iPhone 7 sales but unfortunately, Samsung face burn issue which put iPhone 7 in front of all smartphones in the market. As from sales, it looks like Apple could able to sell around 100 millions units of iPhone 7 during the unit of this year. Talking about sales in percentage Apple has sold over 3% of iPhone 7 combining both models so far which is nice incremental for sales. As Apple has finished the first phase of launch in around 28 countries which far more than previously 18 countries.

Samsung finally started to call their faulty Note 7 which might face burn issue which the product which explodes also get the replacement. Samsung made some mark on the device which can understand that device will explode or not while we will provide those mark into our next article.

Samsung really faced negative impact among user by this issue but still trying to gain public attention. As Talking about Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both these smartphones are out of stock in the market which really shows that both these devices are great in demand and people are liking it. Taking about the article both Samsung and Apple has tussle from beginning as some time Apple wins while some time Samsung. So without further ado, let’s get started.

It doesn’t explode

You may think it’s a joke, yes it is. But Samsung really faces this issue which is reality and no one will cover this. As it is the first smartphone in the history to face this kind of issue. As compared with their counterparts Apple always brings some Gates during the release of their devices like Bend Gate in iPhone 6 or Hiss Gate in iPhone 7 Plus.

Jet Black

iPhone 7 new Jet Black version is much like color by people as it looks much cooler than Note 7 Glassy black color. Even though Jet Black is Scratch or Fingerprint lover people attraction toward this color is much more than any other.

Dual Camera

Though somebody supports this feature or not but Apple really revolutionizes smartphone intruders by an introduction of Optical Zoom as it not the first phone to have it as Dual camera setup was introduced in 2011 from HTC.

But the way Apple represent this technology really matters. New Dual camera in iPhone 7 Plus capture really stunning photos either by both lens or single. As Capturing shots may feel you why not capture images like DSLR while Apple also provides the feature for that as you can Capture images with depth of feel effect and turn focus also to the subject.

Apple also introduces optical zoom which really captures images by zoom without any loss in picture details. As new telephoto captures 2X zoom image as compared to DSLR, simple DSLR also have 2X zoom. While Apple also adds digital zoom to 10X. So capturing images are now, even more, better than Samsung device. New iPhone Camera has the larger aperture which captures more light during the shots while compared with Samsung lineup both images capture same light it is not much different in both shots.

Cinematic Display

Apple new Display is capable of giving Cinematic Display experience as it has color Wide Gamut which provides this stunning display. Even though iPhone has LED display but color reproduction is nice than Samsung device while on the counterparts Samsung OLED display experience is stunning than before as it has more color range, high contrast, higher brightness and depth of display is more in Samsung device.

iPhone 7 Display
iPhone 7 Display

Better water-resistance

During the test iPhone 7 out par all Galaxy devices even if iPhone 7 is IP67 Rating and Galaxy Note 7 is IP68 which means that Galaxy Note 7 have more chances of survival while swinging deeper. But this sector Apple does much better than Galaxy devices which show how Samsung lags behind iPhone.

A10 Fusion fuse all Samsung Chipsets

New Apple A10 Fusion chip which is quad core chipset as two cores are power efficient while other two are for higher tasks. While in the benchmark Apple shows that no smartphone can match Apple benchmark now. In the benchmark, its shows that iPhone 7 is twice powerful than any other Android Smartphones which include Samsung also.

But this is not over yet as compared with iPhone 6s Samsung device still not able to match the performance of that even though benchmark shows that Galaxy Note 7 and S7 has the higher number but still not able to manage its performance. But in the recent test between iPhone 7 and Note 7, iPhone 7 insanely beats Galaxy device with even far margin in both speed and performance test.


Talking about durability Apple iPhone are made of metals while Samsung Galaxy Flagship is made of Glass so there is no comparison between all these.

As Glass is fragile, but in the drop test Galaxy devices not even come close to iPhone as Apple 7000 series aluminum protects iPhone from Gorilla Glass 5 in Note 7.

Stereo speakers

The new iPhone 7 are the first iPhone to having Stereo Speakers. While the placement of speaker are amazing as one speaker is above the display while other is downward facing but the quality of sound experience in nicer than Samsung Flagship device. The sound quality of iPhone much more clear and loud than Samsung devices.

3D Touch

Apple last year 3D Touch now get event more advanced by the introduction of iOS 10 which made 3D Touch better than previous. As earlier Peek, Pop now become better with Rich Notification and other feature. As compared with Galaxy device they still have 2D touch OS which features little shortcuts to using but the experience still not match Apple’s 3D Touch. You use 3D Touch for quick operation and even for faster tasks.

Taptic Engine

New iPhone 7 Haptic Engine now become more powerful and easy to experience as new Engine API which allows a developer to control Haptic engine power according to the situation so the user can experience content even deeper. While Samsung device still uses the traditional vibrator but still not feature system vibration.

Touch ID vs Traditional Button

New Apple Touch ID button does not now switch as its action is simulated by a haptic engine to feel the depth of pressing while Touch ID is even secure than Samsung Fingerprint sensor as it recognizes Skin contact which is still obsolete in Samsung devices. New iPhone 7 Home button gives really awesome experience to a user than tradition button.

iPhone 7 And 7 Plus New Home Button, New Home Button Of Apple, iPhone 7 Home Button
iPhone 7 And 7 Plus New Home Button

No Headphone Jack V/s Headphone Jack

Apple new decision makes remarkable industry turn around from Wire to Wireless as people are still not confident with Apple verge on removal but people who are iPhone 7 feels it is a nice decision.

Apple new AirPods which is considered the amazing gadget by not its technology which is based while by which technology it uses. Apple W1 chipset change industry to think about smart headphones as W1 chip know when you plug the headphones, it senses your motion of interaction between you and headphones, a now issue of connecting if you are using the same iCloud enabled the device which is really nice there is lots more feature about Apple AirPods in our earlier discussion.

Apple also gives solution for your current headphone jack you can convert them to Lighting port, as some people are thought the issue about charging and listen to music but this ugly situation falls to you for some time but it is deciding the issue for choosing iPhone 7. In removal, Apple is able to provide the larger battery in iPhone, New Haptic Sensor, Dual Camera in iPhone 7 and Stereo Speakers which feel less for the headphone jack.

While Galaxy device still has the traditional headphone jack as wireless is the real solution for future as many headphone makers are switching their mainstream from Wired to Wireless.

Software Update

This topic is no matter of discussion as the clear winner is iPhone as they get the update at the time of release but Galaxy device still faces issue in this chapter which made Samsung device fall apart from the competition of new feature of OS.

iOS V/s Android
iOS V/s Android

Support for an update of really matter for iPhones as newly launch iOS 10 support iPhone 5 compatibility which was released in 2012 while Samsung still supports latest update for Galaxy S6 as according to them S5 is outdated as it was launched in 2014. Samsung wanted their earlier user to through their flagship for new feature as this, not a good way to do it.


Last but not the least iPhone the name suggest itself the best among industry in terms sales, performance and love tell us more about the popularity of this phone. Even tough Samsung have more market share but flagship comparison Samsung falls apart from many other counterparts. Apple recently sold Billionth iPhone which made Apple first in the industry to sold this much unit of a single lineup.


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