MediaTek Is Behind New 10nm Process Processor: MediaTek now forward to their next flagship processor Helio X3x, as a report from China as MediaTek is now working alongside silicon giants TSMC to creat new mobile chipset that will make use TSMC’s 10nm process. MediaTek is behind two chip both having same process called as Helio X35 and the Helio X35.

MediaTek Is Behind New 10nm Process Processor:

Helio X30 is flagship chipset which may find its place among Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. MediaTek already made 10 Core processor but not able to get limelight but new X30 and X35 may get so as both these processor also feature same 10 Core CPU. Having pair with Cortex-A73 cores maxing out at 2.8GHz which looks like this processor may leave behind all processor is available. This processor can handle all intensive task we think not possible with mobile platform from editing 4K to Running Console Games all those things can be possible with this power. Processor is based with Four 2.2GHz Cortex-A53 cores will be the backup muscle, while another four low-power Cortex A35 2GHz cores handle menial task like Apple A10 Fusion Chip.

The processor is insanely powerful that it can handle upto 8GB of Memory, and also have PowerVR graphics same like Apple devices. PowerVR graphics now also support Google Daydream VR so people can buy this processor phone without any issue.

The new Helio Processor kick off in the marker by the end of this year or early 2017. MediaTek is behind the new process which is better than other counterparts with 10nm Soc. But other competitions also trying to make 10nm process processor so hope to see some things better in future.


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