Pixel Devices Only Sports IP53 Rating Means No Waterproofing: As only about few weeks are left for year last flagship introduction leaks are blowing all around the internet, yes you are getting right this is Pixel device. Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are this year last flagship for which people are eagerly waiting for launch as this year smartphone lineup follow Galaxy S7, HTC10, Moto Z, Galaxy Note 7, iPhone and last but not least Pixel. As leaks are saying that new Pixel device won’t have waterproofing or even water resistant according to leaks.

Pixel Devices Only Sports IP53 Rating Means No Waterproofing:

As this leak from Android Police suggests the phones will come with just an IP53 rating which means that device will be protected from limited dust ingress and water spray less than 60 degrees vertical. So this means that now waterproofing but this leaks may be fake and hope its fake. If not Google has to face disappointment this year. As nobody in the world is water-phobic.

As many smartphones launch, this year is some how waterproof. As Waterproofing become a feature in 2016 flagship starting from Samsung and ending to iPhone. While in comparison iPhone waterproofing is better than any other smartphone yet. Waterproofing in smartphone now become necessary as an even person is not swimming but water splashes on the phone happen every day. Even human body account 70 percent water so waterproofing is necessary.

This year Google smartphone is a true rival of iPhone but obsoleting waterproofing may give Apple more advantage. On the other Google is ready for device launch as they sent media invite which hints that new Pixel device will have good camera quality than any other Nexus devices yet.


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