Why Dual Camera In iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera
iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera

Why Dual Camera In iPhone 7 Plus: Apple new iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera make a new sensation in industry, As Dual Camera Concept is not new to this World as in 2011 HTC introduce first dual camera Smartphone. But the point is that how Apple represent Dual technology and implement in-app is best among all other.

iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera
iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera

Apple always compares their device from DSLR camera as iPhone is simply smartphone but having Camera like this is really impressive. Even though iPhone is not so near about DSLR but always trying to give the result like it.

But iPhone 7 is really made think photographers to choose from iPhone and DSLR as new Dual Camera Lens now remove more hurdles between a Professional camera and Smartphone Camera. iPhone 7 Plus Dual Lens blends its result to produce something amazing that you seen in amazing desktop images. But the question arises how, why only this or more other interesting questions. While we also provide answer about these question in our discussion so let’s start with basics.

Why Dual Camera In iPhone 7 Plus:

Capturing Process

When you capture images from your smartphones you simply hover your device toward the subject and snap a shots but the magic starts from their as Camera is sensitive to photons so when you capture the images it really captures photons. As from here the first phase of photography start, it passes through Six element lens which removes certain things like Blue light and other things then light goes to Aperture which measures amounts of light enters to it as you can control exposure to tell aperture which light condition is perfect for the image.

iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera
iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera

As images, the aperture then goes to ISP( Image Signal Processor) which performs 3 billion operations as it removes more factors and fits photos which capture perfectly to the user. Doing this much operation made smartphone camera itself a Super Computer. And finally, the image processes completed you see your photo. But all these the happen in real time which is really impressive.

How Dual Lens Work in iPhone 7 Plus

Apple new Dual Lens technology works seamlessly and together. As images from both the lens blend and produce better image according to shots and choose which looks better.

The telephoto lens sharpen some wide-angle photos. Telephoto lens also capture the depth of feel between subject and background and bring nicest image as possible. This effect creatures with Professional to make image more appealing and amazing. iPhone captures 4 picture based on the different situation and processes all images together to bring better one out of it.

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Specification

iPhone 7 Plus Camera feature Dual Lens but both these are not same lenses. Apple uses one Wide Angle Lens for Normal Shots and Telephoto Lens which capture images distant from you. As both these lenses work togerther, and combination of both opens doors for iPhone 7 Plus photos which we’ll discuss in this discussion.

Both Lens feature 12MP Camera but sensor size on both smartphone are different as Wide Angle Lens having 28mm for point close shots but Telephoto lens 56mm. Aperture size on Wide-angle ƒ/1.8 and Telephoto ƒ/2.8 aperture. Wide Angles lens only has Optical Imagine Stabilisation as Telephoto lens is missing this feature which means when you capture long distant shots may get hazel. Apple uses PDAF autofocus technology which means Phase Detection Auto Focus to focus according to phase change.

So these are technical specifications which made iPhone 7 Plus to capture awesome images but according to this, you may not know how these specs produce better images but the original magic happens as Apple put Implementation on software part. So we list out some amazing feature you only find in iPhone 7 Plus Camera than any other smartphones.

Optical Zoom

iPhone 7 Plus is capable of capturing 2x Zoom subject without losing quality all this happens because of the new Telephoto lens. But not stop there as they put Digital Zoom up to 10x which means you can capture subject even farther than you easily. While compared this DSLR normal DSLR also feature 2x Optical Zoom while some other DSLR may feature more Optical Zoom but this made iPhone 7 Plus come close to DSLR quality.

iPhone 7 Plus Optical Zoom
iPhone 7 Plus Optical Zoom
iPhone 7 Plus Optical Zoom
iPhone 7 Plus Optical Zoom

While shots like further subject now not loose any detail like earlier. And the result of this is just awesome.

Cinematic 4K Capture

New iPhone 7 Plus 4K video capture is just incredible as Capturing more color and details than any other smartphones. iPhone 4K video camera gives nice imaging experience like Cinematic. You can shots Videos with amazing capabilities, nice low light video capabilities and nice color output. iPhone 7 Plus camera lets you shots a full feature video and also you can edit video when to seeing that it just amazing.

Low Light Capabilities

Even though iPhone 7 have OIS and F/1.9 Aperture but the images from iPhone 7 Plus is just phenomenal. In low light, Telephoto lens won’t give much effect to photos but all power comes inside Wide Angle Lens as it captures really nice photos and also captures more color in the background. New Quad True Tone LED capture further subjects to you don’t have to capture image nearby. So these effects add really nice effect to photos.

iPhone 7 Plus Low Light Image
Shot by iPhone 7 Plus Low Light Image

Computational photography

Computational Photography means that it blend multiple shots from your device and combine into a single image with HDR(High Dynamic Range) photo that can capture a scene which is really nice. Apple also compensates for lens problem like distortion that make parallel line bow put like the sides of a subject.

Shot by iPhone 7 Plus
Shot By Armando Ferreira

Portrait Mode or Depth Effect “Bokeh Effect”

This is one of the significant move from a traditional smartphone camera to professional camera Depth Effect let’s user to capture images like professional. Apple uses both an of camera and provide this effect. As this effect will be soon available in your iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.1 update.

Shot by iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode
Shot by iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode
Shot by iPhone 7 Plus
Shot By Armando Ferreira

Depth Effect makes background blur and your subject more clear so you can feel the importance of subject than background. It’s a simulation of the effect more expensive cameras achieve naturally to concentrate attention on the subject. Apple does it by using the two lenses to calculate a 3D “depth map” of the scene and blurring only the parts that are distant from the camera.

Shot by iPhone 7 Plus
Shot By Armando Ferreira

The way Apple lets the user capture this image is just outstanding as a user have only open Portrait mode and good to go capture professional images. Apple has rolled out beta version of this effect in beta iOS 10.1 you can download as Public Preview and Enjoy this effect.


Apple wasn’t the first company to implement Dual Camera setup but the way Apple use in iPhone is remarkable. Apple has very efficiently show how images get more lucrative and awesome with certain effect. Images from iPhone 7 Plus is best among the world another smartphone.

So these are the reason Apple introduce Dual Camera feature in iPhone to play with certain effect and made the camera more impressive and awesome.

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