Samsung Galaxy S8 Feature 4K Display and Projector?: Samsung already facing issue with the current lineup of Galaxy devices as they push forward Galaxy S8 work to launch the device early as possible. Many Galaxy devices are catching fire not only Galaxy Note 7 but now also another Galaxy device. Samsung has lost their credibility and regaining their credibility may cost too much. So their new Galaxy S8 will help them to regain market.

Leaks of Galaxy S8 are booming all around the internet as new leaks are found on Weibo, saying that new Galaxy S8 feature a 4K display, a massive 4200-mAh battery, and an incredible 30MP camera. The device may also include a built-in projector, and there are much more things you could expect from new Galaxy S8. The device will make its appearance in early February 2017.

Galaxy S8 Leaks
Galaxy S8 Leaks


The new display in Galaxy S8 also feature the same OLED but the resolution will bump from 2560×1440 pixels to 4096×2160 pixels which really mean insanely pixel in the device. Galaxy S8 device may also feature new display size as 5.2-inch now become 5.7-inch. But such insane display resolution may eat up more battery. As there is not much effect of higher resolution on this device so it completely useless.

Talking about battery Samsung also tries to give a jumbo battery of 4200mAh as current gen Galaxy S7 device sports 3,000mAh and Galaxy S7 Edge sports 3,600mAh. And the fiery Galaxy Note 7 sport 3,500mAh battery.

The new Camera Leak of Galaxy S8 as Samsung wanted to end the megapixel race for now but new Galaxy device may sport higher MP than expected. As earlier Samsung down their MP from 16MP in S6 to 12MP in S7 and result of images are fabulous. So why there is need to get more resolution as they may support Dual camera as like iPhone 7 is may much better progress than higher MP. As higher MP doesn’t add too much to your photos but clarity and quality add as Apple does on their iPhone. That why Apple iSight Camera still better as compared to Galaxy ones.

Samsung may sport projector in this Galaxy as this not new feature for Samsung as they introduce Projector smartphone in 2012. But Samsung may add the projector as the modular part may be a much more interesting feature than this one. And a modular feature in S8 may add more possibility and much more things than we have ever thought of.

Samsung also tries to remove headphone jack from S8 as leaks are suggesting they may also follow Apple footprint to remove this feature and may bring the best solution for this feature.

Other specs leaks include memory as Galaxy S8 feature 6GB of RAM, while from inside device will get power from Snapdragon 3.2-Ghz octa-core processor and 9MP front camera. Color in this device includes Black,Blue,Gold and White and this device reach user hand in April 2017. So these are the interesting leaks which we came across but this may not the final leaks so changes may happen.


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