Next Gen MacBook is Arriving Soon: It has been around years that we are using MacBook Pro and Air, as some of us are thinking that is MacBook lineup is dead? As Apple using same revamped MacBook Since 2012 after that MacBook Pro and Air lineup not get design change but receive only upgrades.

But leaks of New MacBook Pro or Air are Apple is behind to release new series of MacBook soon. Many of the analysts are expecting Apple to release their MacBook as the production of new Mac were started from the second quarter of this year and Apple soon releases their new device.

Next Gen MacBook is Arriving Soon

So the point of interaction is what lies inside MacBook Pro leaks are saying that new MacBook Pro may feature Skylake as Intel has launched Kaby Lake even though Apple may go for Skylake as current gen Mac’s are running Broadwell Inside. While some other leaks are also suggesting that Apple may jump their gen and go for Kaby Lake and this will be nicer than Skylake. As many competitors like Dell, HP, Asus or other are featuring Kaby Lake Notebook.

But New Kaby Lake Processor still not able to get high range CPU which means that Quad-Core version is still not available in Kaby Lake and Processor are mobile ones. While in SkyLake Apple can go for many options so this will be preferable.

One and only problem opting Skylake over Kaby Lake is Kaby Lake feature better graphics chip than Skylake so you won’t need Graphics card for daily usage and light gaming. Analysts also suggesting that new Mac’s lineup include MacBook Pro and Mac Pro feature AMD’s Polaris architecture GPU or Nvidia Pascal architecture GPU which will be more interesting to see.

A report from Bloomberg in late August said that Apple is planning to release some of the new Mac products as soon as October. New updated line includes tweaked MacBook Air devices with multi-functional USB-C port technology and iMacs with an option for new graphics chips from Advanced Micro Devices.

While talking about MacBook Pro feature flatter Keyboard may use Butterfly mechanism like in 12-inch MacBook. New MacBook Pro also feature a thinner design, faster CPU, and GPU. The device may also feature some new design element like OLED bar by removing Function button from Top. The new casing of MacBook will also feature thinner than the previous one as leaks images are showing some truth about it.

New MacBook also features a Single USB-C connection like 12-Inch MacBook and may remove MagSafe Connector from Mac but the removal of this may hurt Apple fans. New MacBook also features TouchID for fingerprint unlock as new Power button has this feature embedded. So these are a new feature that is expected from new MacBook Pro for more details and news stay connected with Tech Awareness.


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