Next Gen Mac’s May Feature Nvidia GPU: Current Gen Apple Mac is featuring AMD chipset including iMac to MacBoo Pro all device feature AMD GPU. As leaks are expecting that new Mac’s feature AMD Polaris Architecture GPU’s most probably AMD RX 480. As leaks are suggesting that Apple new MacBook Pro which may go to arrive in October 2016. While Nvidia GPU is among best in the computer industry and Apple also the consumer of Nvidia GPU for earlier Mac’s but what happen now?

Next Gen MacBook are Arriving Soon
Next Gen MacBook is Arriving Soon

NVIDIA Job posting show that the GPU manufacturer could partner with Apple again for Next-Gen Mac lineup for coming future. This could be a possibility that next Gen iMac or Mac Pro feature Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU inside. Which really made Mac into an insane gaming machine. As many Notebook Manufactures are released new Notebook having desktop GPU inside Notebook.

Apple Mac lineup with integration with Nvidia GPU make Apple king in industry for Gaming devices and may leave Dell and Other behind.

According to Bloomberg, job listings for a software engineer has been stated, with the following details added: ‘help produce the next revolutionary Apple products’. The job description also details that the role would require ‘working in partnership with Apple’ as well as writing code that will ‘define and shape the future’ of graphics-related software on Macs.

Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU Appearance

So having a feature proof Mac with awesome GPU and CPU made the Mac new king in the industry in both terms Gaming and Usability. Mac device is made for making high professional work like Rendering, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Coding or other work except gaming. But the partnership with Nvidia again made Apple Mac gaming king also. So hoping for this leaks may become true so gamer may realise what to use Apple device in computing.


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