Beats SOLO 3: Having A Pinch Of Smartness: As talked earlier in the overview of Beat Solo 3, expectations were so high for the perfect compatibility with maximum clear & balanced sound. I got mine just a few days back & believe me its performance was fantastic as it says 40 hours of backup, truly said after using it for about 35 hours one have to agree with the powerful battery life.

The brand has just added a grand new & fine tuned playback device that is award winning too. With the Beat solo 3, it is easy to go by just powering on your apple device & while having class 1 Bluetooth technology connectivity is so instant.

Beats Solo 3 Rose Gold
Beats Solo 3 Rose Gold

I had used it for a long whole day play, you no more will have to be worried for the charging of your soulmate i.e Beat Solo 3 as this time it comes along with inbuilt Apple W1 chip which will add a fast fueling technology to your sound device. It charged the headphone writing 5 minutes & that lasted for around 2.8 hours of playback as far as used it, it may go further down to almost 3 hours backup if used.

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With the on-ear designed cushions of the headphone, it was a feeling of very sound comfort as well. You can easily adjust them according to the use & mood for all day long adventurous trip which will deliver only a comfortable, clear & balanced sound as per the brand name.

Beats Solo 3 Black
Beats Solo 3 Black

Beat solo has also introduced new designs like pivoting ear cups & fast flowing curves so as to get natural fitting & all day comfortable sound. This is the headphone designed by keeping in mind the comfort of the user in the same ratio as the brand has focused on the sound quality.

An illuminated LED Fuel gauge is also displayed on the side of the ear cups for monitoring the battery left while moving on for a trip.

Slim & foldable design adds to the great portability as well along with the sound & comfort in parallel.


With class 1 Bluetooth connectivity you just have to hold pressing the button for few seconds for quick connectivity. No, any further time taking & waiting is required while connecting your device with the Beat Solo 3.

I was surprised to see the audio cable that came along with the pack, so now it seems no limitations to connectivity with limited devices, you can just connect through the audio cable too to enjoy your favorite tracks on the go.


  • Class 1 Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • On-Board Call and Music Controls.
  • On-Board Volume Control.
  • Equipped with Apple W1 chip technology.
  • Beam-Forming Mic for Optimal Call Clarity.
  • Noise Isolation.
  • Stereo Bluetooth.
  • Passive Playback via Remote Talk cable.
  • Remote Talk Cable with inline Controls.
  • LED Fuel Gauge.
  • Charge via Micro-USB cable.

Overall this will be a great companion for any trip where you are willing to have a powerful battery bank to enjoy up to maximum extent. Beats solo 3 will perfectly fit in every aspect whether it be a comfort, sound or power.



Its carry case is totally different from the predecessor solo 2 as this time it is more softened & seems more durable. It also comes with an audio cable so you can also use that one to connect your any other device to listen the balanced sound by Beats.

So basically the pack contains:

  • Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones.
  • Carrying case.
  • 3.5 mm RemoteTalk cable.
  • Universal USB charging cable.
  • Quick start guide.


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