Fuze Case iPhone 7
Fuze Case iPhone 7

Finally, iPhone 7 Get Headphone Jack Through This Case: After the courageous event of Apple iPhone many of us are might expecting to case makers to bring some solution of Headphone Jack even though Apple has provided and Lighting connector headphone and Converter but the utility of Headphone jack is far above from these things.

But new Fuze case bring new solution and bring back headphone jack for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus user. As it seems like they bring whole iPhone 7 back to earth with lighting port and headphone jack which is really amazing.

The new Fuze case comes with 2,400 mAh Battery of the iPhone 7 model and 3,600 mAh for the iPhone 7 Plus. As this will add more juice to iPhone user, and may last their iPhone over 2 days which is really amazing for Apple user. This is what Apple provide in their cases last years but not for Plus model, but it looks really ugly and strange.

This case really brings back many Apple user toward iPhone, but this case still just in the concept phase and is currently live on Indiegogo. But you might want to chip in if you like this project, the Fuse case was still $50,000 short of materialising.

The cases will be developed by a Texas-based Company called Actual Innovation, as these people decided only recently that they want to make a difference in the world according to the description. Talking about the price of this case, Fuze starts at $49 for the first 250 backers, $59 for the next 400 and will be available for $69 for everyone else.

So how do you like this project and way to provide you a solution for iPhone cases, so what do you think will this case change iPhone 7 issue, comment down section below.


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