iPhone 2017 May Feature All Glass Design: After the launch of iPhone 7 Apple is going on to their next venture and it’s true that iPhone 8 is now becoming reality but in 2017. As a reliable analyst ming-Chi Kuo who already gives us many leaks and suggestion that what to expect with iPhone and many of the leaks are also true, he suggested that 2017 iPhone feature a major design change starting from material as it will like to adopt all glass design from front and back like iPhone 4 and 4s. The idea seems to be that the new Jet Black iPhone 7 has proved highly popular with customers due to the appeal of its glossy looks but it is prone to scratch and fingerprint while Glass design may reduce this effect and remain nice forever.

iPhone 2017 May Feature All Glass Design:

KGI analysts also said that pre-order around the world show that 30-35% and 45-50% purchase iPhone 7Jet Black version though having a constraint in shipments and negative impact. If Apple is after the suggested model of KGI analyst so iPhone may available in all color that exists today and more glossy look also makes its appearance as a special color.

Reports are also claiming that Apple may use 2.5D glass curvature over 3D curvature as 2.5D Glass is more durable with drops and shattering of glass. Apple may also feature Sapphire or Gorilla Glass as for protection in new 2017 iPhone which really enhances iPhone drop capabilities.

KGI analyst has previously forecasted that next year iPhone model will have all glass design but they also add more detail today and put some emphasis on it. They also predicted that iPhone 4 like the design could introduce a larger 5.8-inch model, but the bezel size will reduce and design element becomes more curve. Apple likely to change display sizes of iPhone in 2017 version as 4.7-inches may grow up to 5.0-inch and 5.5-inches may grow up to 5.8-inch but these are still the prediction.

So what you like about this leaks and do you wish that next Apple iPhone features all glass design comment in the section below and thank you.


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