What To Expect In Google Oct 4 Event?: Search Giants are preparing for the next event on Oct. 4, as they tipped this event many time and also said that this event will change the Android lineup. As Google event is a year’s least smartphone event where Google will their new smartphones, they will also release some new Software and some hardware. So without further ado lets get started what to expect with Google Event.

What To Expect In Google Oct 4 Event?:

1). Pixel Phones:

After six years of Nexus lineup finally going to be rebrand on this event as Google may call this device as Pixel. Pixel smartphone comes in two model as expected Pixel and Pixel XL and from the name you can identify the difference. As Pixel will sport a 5.0-inch display while Pixel XL will sport 5.5-inch display. Pixel device is this year last anticipated smartphone of this year and Google have to prove that this device also deserves that.

Talking about specs of the device may Sports Qualcomm’s Processor Snapdragon 821 which is faster and better than 820, Both devices may include 4GB of RAM, 32GB will be the base model for these devices as storage option is still not set yet. Talking about camera both devices may sport 12 MP sensor with a very large aperture to capture more light and night light imagine looks more perfect, Camera also sports Lazer Auto Focus Technology. Both devices also include Fingerprint sensor backside as like 2015 Nexus, Both devices include Stereo Speakers one speaker at the bottom while another on the front side. The pixel includes an F-HD display while XL will sport Q-HD display.

Google Pixels
Nexus Change To Pixels

Rumors of also suggest the headphone jack will stay here, and will create another E-Waste as like Apple user as they wouldn’t able to use the headphone jack and other solution are also useless. Google will also strict on Price tag as this year Pixel device will make by HTC and it will start at $649.

2). Nougat:

Android Nougat has received many improvements like Split View, Vulkan API, Jit Compiler and much more things which made Nougat more special but design change entire OS will remain same but Google is preparing for release for another launch of Nougat in coming months after the launch of Pixel device as they will ship OS pre-installed in device. Android 7.1 will sport a design change in entire OS and will also introduce night mode.

Android N Logo
Android N

3). Google Home:

Google most anticipated product release may feature in this event as Google unveils Google Home in the Google I/O event 4 months ago and they will release this product in this event. Talking about Google Home is a competitor of Amazon Echo which uses Google services to give you more control than ever before as both devices like smartphones are seamlessly connected to your Google Home device. Announced at I/O this past summer, the voice-based Bluetooth speaker/assistant is expected to cost $129. Google made this product available this product in a store on holidays soon.

Google Home Images
Google Home

4). Chromecast Ultra:

Google streaming media plug or Chromecast will receive some update from the previous device as a report from Android Police said that new Chromecast device will be named as Chromecast Ultra which will stream 4K content and will likely to introduce more feature while this device will cost about $69.

5). On Hub Router:

Google may introduce new On Hub Router, as they will change Google Wifi completely with Eero home networking mesh system. This device also smart enough to connect all devices which are present in your home. Pricing option of this device is more lucrative at $129. Google will also introduce some other feature to made this device more powerful and technologically advanced than current device.

6). Andromeda:

Google is another venture to announce the third OS for tablets or larger touch-based devices. The Andromeda is a hybrid of ChromeOS and Android which are built for laptop and tablets, which will bring the best from both these world. As on Google I/O they announce Android Store for ChromeOS. This OS will launch in next year but this OS is the perfect solution to all the OS is present.

Google Andromeda
Google Andromeda

So these are the products which we are expecting that Google will launch on 4th Oct event. As this event is annual Google hardware release event but this one would mark something special. So what you are expecting with Google event comment in the section below.


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