Google Pixel New Render Images: As only about 2 days are left for October 4th Event and anticipation and leaks have no limits as new Canadian Carrie Bell from jumping the gun with an order from which shows off a brand new image of Google Pixel. Leaks image are showing two different Color which Google offer in new Pixel devices, White and Black. There are something in the design which made both of this device different from any other smartphone.

The new render image of Pixel device are not revealing too much for design but combine all leaks together looks like Pixel has to offer something new to the smartphone industry. The new images confirm some sensor position like the placement of Proximity, While the placement of another sensor like Fingerprint on the back and much more. Button of the device is same placed as in Nexus 6P.

Leaks images are confirming that the new Pixel surely introduces new Android 7.1 with a circular icon and some resign which looks nicer. Navigation button on the Android 7.1 is also different from the current one.

The new images didn’t show much detail about the product but somehow create an image in our mind about the smartphone. Google has put more emphasis to brings out Pixel lineup as their brand tag and leave Nexus they’re itself.

Google Pixel New Render Images
Google Pixel New Render Images

TELUS has also published images of the Pixel and Pixel XL which are posted here. The images look original and have a sign of confirmation that this will surely have the same design in real. All looking good and people are liking the smartphone. The new Design of Pixel is somehow replicate HTC 10. So these are the latest leaks for the device and people are anticipated for next device to come and there is lots of anticipation about this product.


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