iOS 10 Adoption Rates Are Surpassing All Previous iOS: After the first-day adoption of iOS10 touches the Sky now iOS 10 reaches around 54% in just one month of release. By this amount of adoption, a level made iOS 10 most adopted OS in less time. As this statics is issued by Apple after the release of iOS on September 13. As of October 7, iOS 10 accounted for 54% of the device which is compatible with iOS 10, While around 38% are still using iOS 9 while 8% are using earlier versions.

iOS 10 Adoption Rates Are Surpassing All Previous iOS:

Apple iOS 10 has become the most adopted iOS in the history of Apple as from the data. While compared to iOS 9 whose adoption rate is around 50% in the first week of release which is just amazing. The adoption rate of iOS over a one month period from analytics firms Fisk and Mixpanel suggest iOS 10 adoptions is moving at a faster pace than all previous version.

As both the analytics shows that iOS 10 running around two-thirds of all Apple devices. According to Fiske adoption of iOS 10 was accelerated on day 14 and has continued to grow past 60% 28 days after its release, making it the fastest adoption on record over one month.

iOS 10 Adoption Rates Are Surpassing All Previous iOS
iOS 10 Adoption Rates Are Surpassing All Previous iOS

While in the earlier release Apple has faced too many issues like bricking of a certain model and also iPhone 7 issue of the Headphone jack and others. The rate of adoption become slower on the first week of release while after two small updates Apple had fixed all the issue and whole software runs seamlessly. But recent update like iOS 10.0.2 has the well-furnished release of iOS 10, release on 23rd September.

Apple is their another venture of update iOS 10.1 which will bring the feature like Portrait Mode in iPhone 7 Plus model as expected while other feature like dark mode mat does not feature in this update. Apple has started the testing phase of iOS 10.1 which has now beta 3 running of developers. You may also download public release of iOS 10.1 soon until then stay tuned.


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