Cause of defect for Galaxy Note 7: Attempted Theories: The Note 7 was launched on the 19th of August, 2016 with its large screened, stylus look having a more ergonomic design than the predecessor. Outstandingly performed quite well during the initial few days after the launch. The stories flamingly took several mediums to flow over the world of Galaxy Note 7 catching fire.

Around 2.5 Millions of the product were recalled. With the recall that has to be made by Samsung for the very (now more popular) new product Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is now under unwanted pressure. Millions of customers are still in the queue to know what exactly was the reason behind the explosions of the Note 7. This will surely be a high profile addition to the greatest mistakes in smartphone section in the history.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Cause of Defect for Galaxy Note 7: Attempted Theories

1) Inadequately spaced: 

The Korean Agency for Technology & Standards found quoting that ” Samsung may have made the handset with insufficient space that created pressure on plates contained within battery cells”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Spacing
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Inadequate Spacing

Due to the sub-optimized assembly both the negative & positive poles could have come together leading all the way to fire. Limited space inside the chassis either have resulted in turned insulations or cracks inside the battery.

Now a days as the demand for high capacity batteries have intensely increased, the stacked layer inside has also become too dense, leading to a very negligible space for errors. So inadequate spacing may be a reason that might have played any significant role with the related issue.

2) Battery: 

At the beginning phase when very few issues were emerged of a Note 7 catching fire, Engineers from samsung believed that the batteries made from there own SDI division was having some fault, So they focused on using batteries from other suppliers like ATL (Amperex Technology Ltd.).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery

The batteries manufactured at Vietnam & South Korea units of Samsung SDI were considered to carry the so-called short-circuit defect causing fire & all the trouble.

During the initial recall of the Samsung, SDI makes battery carrying phones, it was discovered that even after replacement of the SDI battery with ATL cells the defect remained unresolved, leading the Galaxy Note 7, full production stoppage. As the issue remained unresolved until all of the Note 7 were recalled.

3) Fast Charging Demands:

If you will try to charge any battery too fast, it may become more volatile. Of course, if you will push an engine too hard, it will definitely explode after a particular limit.

Cause of Defect for Galaxy Note 7: Attempted Theories
Cause of Defect for Galaxy Note 7: Attempted Theories

The fast charging technology was also seen to be blamed for the defect as quoted by the Financial Times. According to them some very critical changes had to be made with the processor in order to charge the Li-ion battery quickly. According to reports the use of a DA9155 charging chip was done in the manufacture of the Galaxy Note 7 for increasing charging capabilities up to an additional 2500 mA but was triggered at 140 degree Celsius. This point might have been involved in the whole defect issue, but Samsung most probably might have programmed its application processor accordingly to prevent any such type of damages.


  • Upon considering all the 3 factors, any one could be the factor over the issue alone as well as combinedly also it may have led to the fire catching issue.
  • Samsung was very quick to stick with the battery manufacturing issue with SDI, they also replaced them with ATL cells too quickly without being much interrogative with the factor.
  • The most probable reasons for the Galaxy Note 7 cause of defect were explored as above through the study but still waiting for Samsung to officially announce the real reason for the defect & let every customer understand the real cause of the smartphone destruction.


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