Microsoft Finally Sends Out Invites Of The Fall Event: Microsoft finally broke their silence on their hardware event, as they send media invite. Microsoft held their hardware event of the fall as this event is last major hardware of this year if Apple may launch their MacBook is event which is expecting soon to happen. Microsoft sends the invite to selected press, analyst and other guests on Oct 7. The fall event will held on Oct 26 live streamed starting 10 am ET. As the event date is rolled out the expectation of user also rose up, as fans like Surface Pro, SurfaceBook and other are eagerly waiting for this event as what they will get in this event.

Microsoft Finally Sends Out Invites Of The Fall Event:

Talking about what Microsoft expected with this event leaves behind the theme of the event “the next chapter in the Windows story”. This event may focus on some other Surface brand name devices like expected Surface Phone, Surface PC and many other streamline product like Surface Pro 5 or SurfaceBook 2. While according to sources they are expecting OEM devices or some gaming related update at the event.

Microsoft may also release some accessories like Surface Mouse or Surface Keyboard for PCs. While Microsoft may focus on their smartphone lineup like much rumoured Surface Phone having Snapdragon 821 Processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of Storage, 20MP Camera and so on. So this event may bring some great product from Microsoft part. While fans are eagerly waiting for these products.

While Apple may also held their event for launch of new MacBooks and other Mac lineup so this is much interesting to see how these company put forward their hardware and how these product will compete in the market. So stay tune to Tech Awareness for further reports regarding this until then good bye.


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