Microsoft Appointed Pegatron To Manufacture Hardware: After the sending invites, Microsoft is securely leaking out some product which people are expecting to launch in this event. As the event will be held on 26 Oct at 10 AM ET. Microsoft mainly focuses this event on the surface lineup as this lineup keep the company pacing up in the market. Certainly, the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are likely to launch in this event apart from these Microsoft may focus on other products like Halo Lens, Surface PC or Surface Phone may appear in this event. As Economic Daily News says the Chinese Manufacturer Pegatron Technology has been tasked with building new Surface Devices. Microsoft is so late to their product launch event and they won’t also reveal leaks about the product which are showed in the event.

Microsoft Appointed Pegatron To Manufacture Hardware:

While insider is expecting some other product like all in one Surface PC or Surface Phone or Band 3.

Microsoft is behind the edge to compete with Apple iMac Product lineup as they wanted to do with iPad and MacBook but they somehow won’t made competing product while they make out of the way product which means that both these lineup are not able to compare simultaneously. While Some facts about Surface Pro 4 is wrong about Apple MacBook Air Performance. Talking about leaks Microsoft is behind another spectacular product, Cardinal PC’s Codename. Microsoft may launch this product in three sizes including 21,24 and 27-inches while they may also user different hardware and resolution in all these products. Talking about Display Microsoft may use their Pixel technology with 5K resolution in the 27-inch model.

Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2:

Talking about lineup product like Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2, Pegatron is also involved in manufacturing this product. The Chinese company has likely already started building those devices ahead of their launch next year. Microsoft will also show some improvement in their Redstone 2 Project as what they’ll evolve in the Windows Ecosystem. Microsoft may launch their Surface lineup along with Redstone 2 update installed in the devices.

So fans are eagerly waiting for the event as what Microsoft are up to in this event. Until then I will like to take your leave but stay tuned for more news.


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