BEOPLAY A9: Somewhat Different From The Other Speakers: With the update of the modern classic along with innovative user interface & integration, here is yet another product of Bang & Olufsen i.e. Beoplay A9 being reviewed. For some people, there is no limitation & compromise with super luxurious sound but some people choose to get the good within budget.

Using it was a wonderful experience & I was also able to categorize myself as the First category person after using the A9 as the money worth it. Revealing, Beoplay A9 is for the first category peoples who will invest anything for a luxurious superb quality sound. We will be talking about the different aspects of the A9 one by one slowly & gradually.


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BEOPLAY A9: Somewhat Different From The Other Speakers:


Beoplay A9: Design
Beoplay A9: Design

The A9 looks different & beautiful from all angles, seems like a beautiful piece of furniture that has been specially designed & crafted with unique materials. Some may even get confused with the A9 as it doesn’t look like any ordinary musical speaker & resemble larger extent with any show piece.

with a built-in transformer, there is nothing remaining to hide in it. Having 3 modes of adjustments, it fits perfectly with anyone of the three i.e. Positioning onto the wall using a Wall bracket, placing it into the Corner as a beautiful show piece i.e. Freestanding. So it can be said that A9 is designed to change as your home & life changes. The presence of a back handle facilitates moving it for any better relocation whenever needed.

Beoplay A9: Design
Beoplay A9: Design

Beoplay A9 was also launched as a special edition in ‘Smoked Oak’ with smoked oak legs, woven wool cover designed specially by Kvadrat & oxidized brass-look aluminum complement & enhance each other providing an excellent – distinctive feeling.

Beoplay A9: Smoked Oak color
Beoplay A9: Smoked Oak Variant


When it comes to blasting gorgeous music at high volumes, no match comes along the way with A9. Packed inside with a 8” woofer which is powered by a 160-watt amplifier, gives amazingly good bass & the quality of sound you will love to listen. Two 3” midrange drivers & two 3/4” tweeters each powered by 80-watt amplifiers add to the dazzling sound totaling the output to 480 watts.

A9 will stand out excellently in every aspect if you really need a HiFi sound system either as home theater system or just best quality delivering musical device.


Beoplay A9: Connectivity
Beoplay A9: Connectivity

Beoplay A9 can be connected using AirPlay, Google Cast, DLNA or Bluetooth 4.0 and playing your favorite track will be a matter of seconds. And built-in access to Spotify Connect, Deezer and TuneIn gives you access to their millions of songs, playlists and radio too.

Beoplay A9 also features the BeoLink Multiroom technology, which unites your B&O PLAY and Bang & Olufsen products into one wireless system. While using multiroom tech it is a very easy task to either enjoy the same track throughout the place or enjoy according to different moods.


Beoplay A9
Beoplay A9

Just don’t go alone on the price of the A9, as it is value for money. You will surely be satisfied with the HiFi surrounding soothing sound of the device & in such a look. Multiple mounting options & easy connectivity will never let you give up on the device.



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