PIXELS BOUGHT FROM GOOGLE: WITH UNLOCK ABLE BOOT LOADERS: Google recently confirmed that the Pixel & Pixel XL smartphones that will be bought from the Google store will be rootable & will be shipped along with an unlockable boot loader. Many of the users from Nexus range were wondering that the phones will be rootable or not & will support custom ROMs. SO now it is very clear after Google had officially announced for the unlockable boot loader shipping.

Pixels Bought From Google: With Unlock Able Boot Loaders:

Those who want to root their phones for installing applications & software that may require additional system permissions are now in problems as roosting caused serious compatibility issues. Issues coming out were like the security updates from Google with monthly frequency. Iska Saric Quoted:

Pixel owners who purchased the device from the Google store will be able to root their devices. Pixel phones purchased from the Google store will ship with an unlockable bootloader.

One of the major plus point in selling the New Pixel ranges smartphones will be the seamless updates that will be made available as Google promises & also rooting will be not a top priority for most users.

Pixel Bought from Google: Shipped with Unlockable bootloaders

For the users who are willing to install & use third party OS, rooting & unlockable bootloaders are the essential things to have. If they even want custom ROMs then also the same will be required. The report says that completely locked down bootloader on Verizon’s version of Google Pixel is already confirmed as quoted by the spokesperson from Google.

Another important thing to be kept in mind if rooting is the priority of the user & they are willing to install customized versions of Android will be that the place where they are buying it from. As Google already hinted that only the phones bought from Google store will be benefited.


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