10 iOS 10 Widget That You’ll Surely Use Daily: After the release of iOS 10, developers are showing the new feature and benefit of the new widgets in iOS. In the today view of Notification Centre received a major design overhaul which also includes new Rich Notification as there are many apps which support this feature. So here are the best Widgets apps you can use for the daily purpose, including some Stock apps also without further ado let’s get started.

10 iOS 10 Widget That You’ll Surely Use Daily

1). WhatsApp

New WhatsApp Widget in iOS 10 shows the recent chats to people as the user can also open the app to see a message from a specific person and also reply them. Widget consists of the Small icon of people in which the recent one is on the left side with no of the message on the top. This widget helps you to get notified even if you turn off the notification.

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2). Musixmatch

This app lets you see the lyrics of the song which is playing on your device also or on the other you can identify other lyrics also while this app can automatically recognize song playing from your device and shows the lyrics of that. The app has very clean and nice widget interface you can see the lyrics easily and also enjoy this feature.

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3). Microsoft Pix

This Microsoft having AI in the camera app helps you to capture best shots. This camera app is awesome for people who don’t want to set exposure or other camera function as this app automatically do these things itself. New Widget in Microsoft Pix showing three quick action button open camera, Selfie, and Gallery and the user can the easily get into the interface without going and open the app. User not having 3D touch device can also use this feature and also loved it so much.

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4). Shazam

Shazam is one of the best of any OS. As this app feature to recognition songs which are playing in front of you and also, tell name, album and artist. Shazam app is also integrated with Apple Music so if you like the song you can download it very easily. New Widget of Shazam feature some quick the action button as user can instantly open app and recognise the music.

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5). DataMan

This app lets you remind you cellar data you can see the widget telling the end of Billion cycle. This app help user to get know of their data plan on the quick glance.

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6). Flipboard

Widget of Flipboard consist of the stories matter to you so you’ll get informed about the stormiest you are interested in. Flipboard feature magazine-style stories and user also loved this features.

There are many publisher from around the world who share their ideas so that user can get to know about it.

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7). Launcher

This app a lets you perform quick action like making call to someone, making FaceTime call someone, text someone and many other option are also available so user can perform these action without going into the app and perform all those steps.

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8). Todoist

This app lets you to create remainder for task you want and nice widget on the lock screen remained you about the task to do next. The Todoist widget shows you all of your reminders for the current day. You can mark items as complete and add new tasks with the widget. This app is better than stock remainder app and help you get notified certain task.

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9). ESPN

Sports fans can get this app to get notified about their favourite games. This widget gives quick access to the scores of the favourite teams that user is selected in the app and also get notified about the games of the favourite teams.

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10). Stock App (Calendar, News, Find Friends, Music, Notes, Batteries, Siri App Suggestion)

These app are the best app to get quick glance of your device as you will get easily notified from these app also-also perform some task. These app are essential widget that user use on the daily purpose and you’ll surely like yo use this.

So these are the best app to use for Widget app and user get easily notified or perform action easily without performing tasks.


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