Windows 10: Redstone 2 Update – What We Know So Far: Hopefully Windows will be bringing up the new Redstone 2 update as a major update to Windows 10 in the coming spring. This time, Microsoft most probably is focussing on improvements in the productivity & will also be satisfying the Windows 10 mobile users by making available the most required features & enhancements to them. Although this update was earlier scheduled to be launched by the end this year & was expected to be a smaller update as compared to the relatively large anniversary update. Seemingly the reason to delay the launch of Redstone 2 update is the availability of the new surface hardware release.

Windows Redstone 2: PC & Mobile update
Windows Redstone 2: PC & Mobile update

Windows 10: Redstone 2 Update – What We Know So Far

The development of Redstone 2 was started before the Redstone 1 internal sign-off as a standard procedure of the company’s engineers. This allows them to be preplanned to deliver on time with the lackings & new features. According to Microsoft the first few Redstone 2 builds will be not including the new features as some work is still ongoing on refactoring OneCore, which is the subsystem that participates to feature it universally across several devices.

Windows Redstone 2 Preview build
Windows Redstone 2 Preview build

The Redstone 2 builds have started rolling out to the insiders for testing & feedbacks though the development branches.

Talking about a new feature in Redstone 2, Microsoft has significantly changed the way they think and brings out somethings new out of Windows. New Feature includes as follow

Working Sets

This feature allows user to see all the project work which include Word, Powerpoint documents in the device in the single place. This also include email, Photos, and other things so a user can have look for all these things while doing a project. Working sets is present in the Start menu as live tiles.


OneClip is the same feature which is recently present in macOS as this allow the user to copy photos or text from one device and paste to other as this feature work only between phone and PC so this allows user to have nice integration between phone and PC.

Office Hub

Microsoft Office is one of most famous App for Microsoft and almost million people are using this app to create somethings amazing. But in the new update, Microsoft is working on Office Hub a single integration center for Office Work. As this feature works with Office 365 subscription and the app are tightly integrated into this hub so people can take benefit of smarter work experience.

People Bar
Microsoft is working to bring people more closer to people who most matter to them as them include new People bar in Redstone 2 as this shows people face in the icon and user get notification from that people include Skype, Office, GroupMe or other things as this feature brings integration of social OS in the Windows ecosystem. New People bar is present in the taskbar down next to the system tray.

The user can perform a task from the icon itself as they no need to open the app as this called as Quick Action.

OneDrive File Placeholders

This feature is previously present in OneDrive app but removed in 2015. But this feature will surely return to OneDrive with Redstone 2. Microsoft renamed this feature as “On-demand Sync” As this feature is recently sight in preview builds.


Night Mode

After launching the Night Mode in Apple’s iOS many other OS is starting to feature in their OS following Google’s Android and Now Windows. As this feature lowers the Blue light intensity in the night so this color won’t harm your eyes while using the device. This feature is most cared in other OS like iOS and Android and bringing this feature in Windows will be more awesome.

Bluetooth GATT supports for wearables

GATT wearables are the fitness wearables like Fitbit works with Bluetooth. So Microsoft adds new profile so that user using this wearable can easily connect to windows devices. Microsoft is planning to bring this feature by the end of 2016 but the timeline of Redstone 2 is early 2017. So of this fitness wearable make move to Windows so there may be other changes that other companies will also make their app for Windows ecosystem.

Contextual syncing between devices

Internal Concept

This feature brings another feature to continuum feature as this allow Windows 10 to have contextual UI which means that a pop up a notification telling the user that they are able to sync an apps state from another device and continue exactly where they left off. Cortana will also take benefit of this feature. There are many other possibilities may also come to Windows 10 Ecosystem as a user can sync files, tabs, app and more between devices with contextual pop-ups that require the user to do very little work getting back into a productive state when moving between form factors.

This feature allows an another wave of workflow which user has never experience. Working between the devices will also become easier than ever and a user will also love this feature.

Continuum for Phones

Continuum feature of Windows has become on of the best feature while swapping between different devices. But Microsoft so has more plans for this feature as they will make Continuum interface more like Windows environment. As the user can perform each and every task they perform while using the desktop.

So possibilities are endless and expectation is also but the way Microsoft headed Windows is really nice and more will be seen in the recent years.

So whenever Microsoft releases the Redstone 2 this will feature what the insiders will be getting firstly the PC users followed by the mobile users. Now as the so-called smaller update i.e. Redstone 2 might be a larger update than expected due to the delay in release & that will be a very good news for the insiders & users who are waiting to get hands-on with the new features of Redstone 2. It may be like a Redstone 2 release in early 2017 followed by a later release of the Redstone 3 by the end of the same year.

Will be updating you all with the new features that will be a part of the Redstone 2 update from Microsoft, So keep visiting the website for the latest update on related topics.