New Apple Trademark For MacBook Pro Keyboard: Apple is really excited to show some new feature of MacBooks as they will reveal the product on next week. Yesterday Apple has filed a trademark called as Magic Toolbar which surely means that Apple is quoting new OLED Touch-Bar on the top of the Mac. Apple is looking to completely revamp their MacBook lineup by bringing some of the interesting features you’ll never see on the Notebook. Talking about new trademark reports saying that the name was registered back in February in the computer hardware category by a dummy corporation.

New Apple Trademark For MacBook Pro Keyboard:

The name of new Magic Toolbar may match up with other Apple accessories like Magic Mouse or Keyboard. By name this feature suggesting that Apple is behind OLED touch panel which can change according to use. Toolbar helps user to get the perfect button setup and can be easy use when they want. But there is no sign that Apple will put Touch ID in this OLED panel as Apple is planning to get in the power button.

Earlier this week Apple has patented new Keyboard technology called as e-ink Keyboard which changes character according to the situation. New Keyboard uses e-ink technology which helps the device to change the words according to people demand. While Apple really tries to end function physical keys and bring this new Magic Toolbar but it is nice to see when Apple bring this feature in Magic Keyboard.

The new MacBook Pro really receive some of the significant changes which made this Notebook stand among all other Notebook in the world and Apple is still king in the premium Notebook lineup but recent slowness may cause Apple sudden break down in Mac world. As 10 year earlier before iPhone Apple has a main focus on the Mac lineup but now Apple has faded all these things and only thinks about iPhone which may kill Mac lineup since 10 years.

So what you think about this new Keyboard trademark and do you love this name mention on the comment section below and stay tuned to Tech Awareness.


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