5 Things You’ll Love About Google Pixels: Google’s Pixel are in the markets around the world and people are purchasing the new so called “Android King” or “iPhone Competitor” but is Google Pixel is really offended these words or not. In many review first time, Google Phone come front from all other flagships in the marker including Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy’s.

Samsung devices won’t coup up with Samsung Burn issue in Galaxy Note 7 and made this brand out of the side as no one is talking about Samsung devices. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 once consider the best smartphone of the year now become the worst as Samsung’s discounted the product of new Note 7 device.

5 Things You’ll Love About Google Pixels:

But back to new Pixel’s Google really made some promise to the user as they will give premium feel with premium OS. New Pixel device has Android 7.1 Nougat which you’ll not find in Nexus devices Google earlier flagship from other OEM’s. In the event, Google shows the DxO Marks of Pixel device which 89 highest marks given to any Smartphone Camera as compared with iPhone 7 which scores only 86 DxO Mark.

1). Google Assistant:

This feature is main attraction point of the device which made this device first Android device have Assistant. Talking to Google Assistant give more nice feedback as compared to Siri and some Answer like search or information are just perfect. While on the human side Google Assistant lacks some feature like contextual talking about the scenario or many other things which made this Assistant little bit lack.

Google Assisstant in Pixel
Google Assistant in Pixel

App integration of this Assistant is started and some apps have access to this Assistant but Google open SDK for other developers to have it. While there is long way to go for this Assistant and Google has just started it.

2). Design & Display:

The design of new Pixel feels really premium and nice. The whole body of the device is made up of Aluminium which is nicely crafted with a blend of Glass panel at the back. Colors like Quite Black and Really Blue are the perfect but black one resembles the Jet Black and Matt Black Blend of iPhone 7.

Google Pixel Design
Google Pixel Design

On the usage issue, the device is just perfect for day to day use with nice layout and display. While on the surface on the back or the front the device won’t hop. And in the bend test device is really hard to the event made move as the device is really nicely built from inside.

Display of new Pixel is the new OLED panel and color saturation and perfection are just awesome. When to taking snaps and see on the device they are mind blowing and even looks better as a real situation. Display of new Pixel is also bright and Q-HD display really takes nice use of the device.

3). Interface:

Google Pixel Interface is far better than recent Android interface, New Interface includes a nice icon layout for each and every app so the app won’t look too odd. App tray button is now removed as you open App tray with swapping upside and you are ready to go.

Google Pixel Android 7.1
Google Pixel Android 7.1

Google tries to add Apple 3D Touch Shortcut to Android device even though Android user won’t care with this Shortcut but Google copied this feature well. But if you use original 3D Touch in recent new iOS 10 you’ll feel this thing is no near.

New Looks to Google launcher and way Google made Assistant is really nice and a way they implement these things made an appearance very nice.

4). Battery & Charging:

The battery in Google Pixel XL is really awesome you’ll get a day about the charge in heavy daily usages including Gaming, Checking Mail, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp whole day and device won’t require a charge in the middle which is really nice part of this device. Charging in Pixel device is rapid fast as Whole charging of the device within 35 to 40min. You can get about 7 hours of battery life in just 15min is really nice.

5). Camera:

The camera is the best part of this device capturing Stunning images in a just fraction of a second. Google implement the Camera and Software part of the device which made an image really nice capturing images like night light images to higher saturation image or bright sunlight situation to macro shots Pixel device really get above all smartphones. The DxO Mark of the device is really true about the device comparing this device with Apple iPhone 7 Plus both these devices capture almost same image but “Bokeh” effect in iPhone 7 Plus still not have match of it, and capturing details like Sky or Cloud in iPhone 7 Plus has really no competitor but capturing real light situation Pixel outstanding iPhone 7 Plus.

Google Pixel Photos
Google Pixel Photos

So these are 5 Things you’ll Surely love about new Pixel device while we are reviewing both these device together to provide you the highest detail possible and we’ll surely tell about V/s until then Good Bye and Stay tuned.


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