What Can Be Expected From This Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event: This time Microsoft at the Event on 26-October might showcase fewer announcements with a lesser hardware too. There’s a lot that has been experimented during the last few months to make available with the new bundle of update which is code named as “Redstone 2”. Now ready to make available the OS builds as Version 1703 to the insiders as preview builds for providing with a valuable feedback. Some of the features that may become available during this event include HomeHub, HoloShell, UWP File Explorer & many more things.

Microsoft is planning up & started working with another successive line in the Windows 10 update section with Redstone 3. This Microsoft’s Windows 10 event which is popular for its Redstone 2 unveiling can probably be released earlier in 2017. We have already discussed in the previous post regarding Windows Redstone 2 that will be coming up with the new Windows 10 update.

What Can Be Expected From This Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event:

1) HomeHub : Amazon Echo competitor:

Microsoft may feature an Amazon Echo competitor this time that is lined up for unveiling that is related to the Windows 10 feature known as “HomeHub” – during this event as per sources. Like Apple, Microsoft is also now focussing on more voice-based techs & hopefully this Amazon Echo competitor will be powered by the so-called personal assistants i.e. Cortana. This makes a lot of sense as the company is making available such devices which will be essentially based on Smart voice commands & will make life better & easier.

Microsoft Home Hub For Smart Home
Microsoft Home Hub For Smart Home

This smart voice device will be able to store files such as music, video & docs directly on the device which can be readily streamed with any other devices in the area.

2) Surface All-in-One:

Microsoft: Surface AIO
Microsoft Event Oct-26: Surface AIO

It was reported very back in June as a rumor but from sources, it is now almost very clear & hopefully will be announced during the event. The All-in-One Surface is designed keeping in mind to fulfill the demands of a studio i.e. Codenamed as “Cardinal”. The cardinal might feature a detachable display & inking support.

Surface All-in-One: Modular Design
Surface All-in-One: Modular Design

Official Surface keyboards & mouse are likely to be shown up with the PC. Two designs of keyboards will be displayed one is small & another one is ergonomic however both are designer keyboards equipped with new technology.

May or May not be Showcased:

1) Surface Refresh: Kaby Lake:

There is a very less probability regarding the announcement of the Surface Pro 5 or Surface Book 2 if released it will be great but we don’t expect it much. Although there are some rumors for the release of the new Kaby Lake processors  that has been refreshed for the surface line. Kaby Lake is a code name given to the 7th generation of Core i3, i5 & i7 processors which will be featuring reduced heat, a double-digit bump in integer performance, improved speed shift technology & a native hardware support for 4K encoding/decoding at 10-bit depths & VP9 decoding. The Kaby lake has improved 14nm process like Skylake predecessor but it precedes next year’s 10nm shift to Cannonlake.

Surface With New Kaby Lake Processor
Surface With New Kaby Lake Processor

2) Project Centennial:

Microsoft has been working on bringing up Win32 games to the windows store with this Project Centennial app & it will prove to be a good demonstration showing developers achievement if Surface All-in-one will be powerful enough to play games. Some other Win32 programs may also show up in the windows store like from Adobe & Slack.

Project Centennial: Windows 10
Project Centennial: Windows 10


3) Alcatel Idol 4 Pro: 

A prosumer level Windows 10 mobile device that could feature a VR add-on is the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro. It reportedly features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, a 4GB of RAM, & storage of up to 64GB onboard. It may be made available with a 5.5-inch display having a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Alcatel Idol 4: Windows Phone 10
Alcatel Idol 4: Windows Phone 10


4) Skype Teams:

As Microsoft is planning to release a new team collaboration service called “Skype Team” which will be genuinely a close competitor of the popular Slack. An option of the downloadable client will be featured along with the online service of the Skype Teams. It might be integrated at some point with the Windows 10. Let’s see that if this will be unveiling in this event or not.

Another Microsoft Event particularly will be an Office Event, is Scheduled to be held on November 2 this year according to sources. This event will be exactly after a week from the Microsoft Windows 10 Event. The latter event will hopefully focus on the software & service section. So expectations are building up, let’s wait & hope for the better upcoming from the company.


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