Who is better Assistant Siri or Google: After the release of Google’s new Assistant called as Google Assistant which consider most reliable Assistant for searching or asking questions or get things done. While after this launch main competition goes to Apple’s Siri, as both Assistant work on the same function to respond to a user command and present the best result out of it. Apple and Google both companies are working for their Assistant since 2005 but in 2011 Siri came into limelight and Google Assistant in 2016. In this duration, Siri gains almost many advance command but Google new Assistant also work on, to perform the same function

Both these assistants have same feature but Google Assistant advance in some of them including search result and understand what user searching for. Google Assistant advance in showing results like some facts or video, understand the context of talk and respond according to it, while these feature you’ll not able to find in Siri. While Siri has integration of many apps like Uber, Skype, WhatsApp, Lyft, Twitter, Facebook and many other to perform the various task without opening the app, this means that third parties integration of Siri is much wider and better than Google. But Google also provides SDK for their Assistant so that developer can develop their Apps to work with commands given to Assistant. So these are this thing we are talking in this article to stay here and read more.

Who is better Assistant Siri or Google:

Voice Activation:

Both assistants have their hot words like “Hey Siri” for Siri and “Ok Google” for Google Assistant. You can access this Assistant handsfree with this Hot Word and these Assistant are accessible by only your voice.

Who is better Assistant Siri or Google
Who is better Assistant Siri or Google

To set up these Assistant both these OS provide initial device setup in which you can set you voice to respond to these hot words and both these Assistant work perfect with this feature.


Talking about reliability both Assistant works pretty well some at some point they not able to work as we want. As using for search or asking question Google Assistant is more reliable than Siri as it searches its result from Google search and able to give a vivid description of the topic. While Siri only able to search the topic which she won’t understand as she won’t able to differentiate between many commands like if you want to search certain things on phone Siri search web while if you want to search web Siri won’t able to search the web sometime or won’t understand the topic.

Who is better Assistant Siri or Google
Who is better Assistant Siri or Google

But certain things like reminding about that Google Assistant won’t able to do these things if something present on the screen but Siri will able to remind things you want present in front of the screen. But both these have no match with Microsoft’s Cortana who can able you remind things like if you want to remind about something you want to tell you, friend, when he calls next or many other things Cortana perform these tasks perfect.

There are many ways to check their reliability like App usage as you can use Siri to Book Uber or Call Skype to your friend within a second but not in Google at least for now. So concluding all these both are getting equal points in this.


Using both these Assistant is very easy only you have to ask question or command certain instruction and both interface will do these things easily. But while searching the whole web and get relevant information Google Assistant is awesome as you want to book hotels or book tickets Google Assistant can do these things easily and without any issue while Siri unable to do that. While Siri can perform Stock pre-build function like making remainder, set up alarm and many other things also done by Google Assistant but Siri performs better in that terms.

Who is better Assistant Siri or Google
Who is better Assistant Siri or Google

But app integration in Siri now becomes global which made Siri lead on this topic as you can perform a function like a book Uber or See Pins of Pinterest from Siri while on Google this is still not present.

Best of Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is easy and most accurate in terms of Answer. As Suggestion bar on the bottom of the Assistant suggest always the next question you want to ask this part of this Assistant makes this better. Answering the question or making more advance answers Google Assistant uses Google API to finds better and perfect answer for each question. So this is the best part of Google Assistant which made this Assistant better than any other. Contextual Topic of Google Assistant means things you talking to this Assistant also remember this thing very good.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Best of Siri:

Siri also got some best feature like searching things inside your device, like photos of last year, or with someone Siri can show these things perfectly without any issue and the user also love this part of Siri. While integration of Apps like Facebook or Twitter made the user go handsfree which you’ll not find in any of the Assistant as you can post tweet or status with Siri without typing this and sending it. Apps integration in Siri is better than Google Assistant which you’ll not find in any Assistant. Clear interface and nice layout of text and incorrect text suggestion made Siri more superior than other.

Apple Assistant Siri
Apple Assistant Siri


Both these interface are best of their world but work pretty differently as Google Assistant is best for the Global world but Siri for Mobile and You World. But time will tell how this interface will become better, Assistant, as time passes and things grow.

There is no clear winner in the topic as both perform different task very well and Google Assistant still not able to get third parties app integration which requires time. So until then we will now able to know who is best among both of these. So here are my counterparts to compare this two Assistant but what are you tell me in the comment section below until the Good Bye and Stay tuned.


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