Microsoft’s Rumored All-in-One PC: Could be named – ‘Surface Studio’: Now as the big day of Microsoft’s Windows 10 event is coming closer, possibilities & expectations are building up in everyone’s mind. The so much rumored Microsoft’s All-in-one PC is almost topping the list for its configuration & name as well. It will most expectedly be unveiled during the event on 26-Oct & According to sources it could be named as – “Surface Studio”, which was also applied for by a company which has been associated with Surface related filings in the past.

Microsoft's All-in-One PC: Rumored Name - 'Surface Studio'
Microsoft’s All-in-One PC: Rumored Name – ‘Surface Studio’

It not considering the Slovenian company which has applied for the naming of the New All-in-One PC, Microsoft itself is involved in filing the “Surface Laptop”, “Paint 3D”, “Surface Dial”, & “Dial”. As Microsoft is also gearing up for the launching of the revamped version of its Paint app which will be featuring 3D editings too. As per the working pattern of the All-in-One PC, it can turn down the desk into a studio, So the name seems to be fitting quite very well to the newly expected device this event.

Nevertheless, you all will not have to guess much of that as the Microsoft’s event is just a day behind, which is expected to start right at 7 a.m. PT on the 26th of October, 2016. Keep visiting the website for full coverage of the Microsoft range of products being unveiling tomorrow, till then hold your curiosity level at the parallel level of expectations to get them fulfilled.


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