Apple Secretly Unveil Magic Toolbar in Recent Sierra Update: Before the launch of new MacBook Apple is eager to show their new concept in recent macOS. As Apple has released new macOS 10.12.1 Yesterday in they revealed much anticipated OLED Function Key. Apple will show this new update in Mac lineup on 27th Oct but keep on revealing some feature in recent updates and trademark filling.

As this report comes from MacRumors found in System Preferences which is the update in recent macOS 10.12.1 show a new virtual keyboard layout with the top row of the keyboard missing in the layout file which clearly means that Apple wanted to remove function row from upcoming Mac’s.

Apple Secretly Unveil Magic Toolbar in Recent Sierra Update

According to the leaks, Apple will place an OLED touch bar on the top of the keyboard which is dynamic and unique of its kind. As the user can get info, notification, play bar, messages, function keys and many other things you might think off.

Apple Secretly Unveil Magic Toolbar In Recent Sierra Update
Apple Secretly Unveil Magic Toolbar In Recent Sierra Update

But the new feature still not clear the model or how Apple will implement new Touch bar on the top of new Mac. From the previous leaks macOS files there is an expectation of TouchID in New Mac which will make security much better as the user can Use Apple Pay, Unlock Apps or Open Device when Boot up. Apple has recently include Apple Watch Unlock process in recent Sierra. But Apple made the functionality of Mac, even more, better than ever. The user will get seamless integration between all these things.

Talking about new MacBook Pro will receive major revamp with internals change like Intel CPU, Nvidia or AMD GPU, Type-C USB and much more you ever think of.

Apple will also release new Apple Watch Nike Edition in the event, Apple also expecting to bring the new device to the event which we not have seen yet maybe Apple Home. So stay tuned to us and Join us from Email or Socially.


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