Xiaomi Release Low-Cost Virtual Reality Headset Mi VR: Xiaomi recently releases new Smartphone Mi Mix along with new Mi VR which is based on Android Daydream VR project. As new Xiaomi Mi Mix is compatible with this VR along with Mi 5 and Mi Note 2. But the price of new VR is pretty low which is about $29 as compared with Google $69 VR, as Price show how Xiaomi is still on the verge to provide better at low cost.

After the launch of most beautiful Phone of the year Mi Mix, Xiaomi takes up the stage to implement the future in a different way. The new VR is looks similar to PSVR which is also released earlier this year. The new Xiaomi VR has built-in the sensor of motion to recognize the motion of the person who is wearing this VR alongside with 9-axis motion controller and supports touch controls.

Xiaomi Release Low-Cost Virtual Reality Headset Mi VR:

Xiaomi also initiated the world VR with a new user interface called as MIUI VR store which has over 30 VR apps and over 500 panoramic videos. But Xiaomi waits for the Nougat update to launch which include more way to interact with this VR.

So the new VR looks very nice and soon come to all over the world. But Xiaomi has released Nougat update to get Google experience of VR, and the developer can easily possess toward Xiaomi user easily. As there are many companies has recently launched their VR on the path of Google Blueprint VR. There are also other companies bring new Google VR soon this year or earlier next year. Other companies also release their new smartphone to support Google Dream VR.


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